Short bio of Lyin’ Ted Cruz, and legal update on Cruz’s role in MAGA’s Jan. 6 Alamo stand

First a well-done light-hearted highlight tour of the career of Tea Bagger Ted Cruz, the most universally hated person in the Senate (with apologies to also-ran Josh Hawley) from Trevor Noah’s Daily Show.

And a more serious discussion of Cruz’s Trump-related craveness, and his direct involvement in Peter Navarro and the war room’s “Green Bay Sweep” strategy to block the certification of Joe Biden’s victory due to “unprecedented allegations of fraud” believed by FOX nation.

Cruz executed the opening play in the “sweep” on January 6 as the start of a coordinated Hail Mary, with the clock about to run out, to once more try to flip votes in swing states. The idea was to get Republican state legislatures all on the same page, attempt to decertify Biden electors, creating no winner in the Electoral College and throwing the presidency to the House to extra-constitutionally keep cuddly Trumpie as president.

A final word on this snarling, squirming far-right billionaire-backed fuck nut next time I sit down to open his disgusting can of worms .

(with apologies to the late, great Al Lewis)

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