In Happier Days

Let me first point out that the happiest days of some of our greatest American “winners” are the stuff of nightmares, fleeting breaks from the relentless, high-pressure, anything goes war they wage against everybody. Their happy moments are momentary flushes of “victory” that can never be sustained, since their thirst for dominance is unquenchable, and even their greatest wins only make them more determined to fight and win the next grim battle.

To those who view life as total, endless war, a war where every tactic is on the table and scorching the earth that provides sustenance to those they hate is a great thrill, their happiness consists in the suffering of the hated enemies. If it means millions of their own have to die, so be it, that’s part of the price of being the greatest. Ask Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Jared Kushner.

That said, here are two great Americans, now slightly estranged from each other, though they both serve the same psychopathic worldview, the same impulse to dominate at any cost, the same deranged disregard for everybody else’s troubles. Here are two powerful motherfuckers in “happier” days.

Note their genuine warmth toward each other

2 comments on “In Happier Days

  1. Are such people ever truly happy?

  2. oinsketta says:

    it’s a version of happiness I’m happy not to know personally

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