How smart well-funded American Nazis use the law

How to get tax exempt status, keep your wealthy donors secret and spend unlimited amounts to promote lies useful to your larger mission — a one party corporate-private state to protect the interests of the super-wealthy in perpetuity. From another excellent investigative report by the great Jane Mayer:

One recipient of Bradley money is True the Vote, a Texas-based group that, among other things, trains people to monitor polling sites. Mitchell has served as its legal counsel, and hacked documents show that she advocated to the I.R.S. that the group deserved tax-exempt status as a charity. To earn such a designation, a group must file federal tax forms promising not to engage in electoral politics. In a letter of support, she asserted that “fraudulent voting occurs in the United States,” citing a 2010 case in which the F.B.I. arrested nine Floridians for election violations. But, as with many voter-fraud allegations, the details of the case were less than advertised. The accusation involved a school-board election in a rural Black community in which a campaign had collected dozens of absentee ballots, in violation of the law. The charges were eventually dismissed. The judge found “no intent to cast a false or fraudulent ballot.” True the Vote, which was granted tax-exempt status, has since been the subject of numerous complaints from voters, who have accused it of intimidation and racism.


Speaking of partisans monitoring polling sites and hovering over voters to intimidate them, particularly in states where you can carry a gun without a permit, there are new provisions in the Democratic attempt to save democracy, tweaks to the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill, to give voters a minimum 8 foot distance from hovering, partisan poll watchers. For every step American fascists take, supporters of democracy must devise a counter-measure. All this takes a lot of time, and if we are to have fair elections again in 2022 there is no time to waste protecting the right to vote and the right to have those votes counted by impartial officials.

Of course passing any voter protection law will require a radical change in the hearts of at least ten Senate Republicans, to overcome that tool of “bipartisan compromise” the filibuster. Or, more realistically, it will require carving out a filibuster exception for Voting Rights , as McDonnell did for Supreme Court confirmations when he abolished the filibuster and 60 vote threshold for the confirmation of controversial, ideologically pure Supreme Court justices, members of a right wing legal fraternity chosen by that fraternity for their fidelity to corporate interests, dark money in politics, religious rights and partisan voting shenanigans being fine, unless they INTENTIONALLY target the people most effected by these laws, ON THE BASIS OF RACE. Also, of course, dedicated to outlawing abortion across the country for women without the money to fly to clinics outside the country for their own discreet procedures.

Sheldon Whitehouse has done a series of excellent presentations on the corrosively corrupt power of dark money in judicial appointments, and state takeovers by allies of ALEC (Joe Manchin III is a member of ALEC, naturally). Here is part of it, delivered during the rushed hearings before Amy Coney Barrett was shoved down America’s throat, 52-48, days before the election as Trump planned his insurrection to steal back the soon to be “stolen” election. In these remarks from the Senate floor Whitehouse described the rash of 5-4 Supreme Court decisions, decided on purely partisan lines, 80 cases of pure simple majority 5-4 judicial activism by members of an ideologically pure right wing fraternity, taking their orders from the people who secretly put up $250,000,000 in dark money to get their judges on the federal bench, because… they are making America great again, for the wealthiest and least principled among us.

Whitehouse outlined the main goals of the anonymous billionaire polluters and privilege protectors who fund the lifetime appointments of right wing superstars: unlimited dark money in politics, demean and diminish the civil jury, weaken regulatory agencies, allow the legal suppression of votes for partisan advantage. Now look at the EIGHTY [80] 5-4 partisan decisions made by the Roberts Court and note how consistently those goals were met in every case. The ideological score on those party-line cases is 80-0. A pretty good return on a quarter of a billion dollars in dark, tax-deductible money.

Here is Whitehouse, last week, describing the audition and appointment of Boof Kavanaugh [1], the snarling, lying (“Boof”, according to Kavanaugh, means gassy, not having alcohol poured into your asshole, through a funnel and tube, ‘Devil’s Triangle” is a drinking game, nothing to do with sex between two guys and a woman, as its common meaning would have it, and Team Kavanaugh quickly posted some changes to Wikipedia, from an office in the Capitol building, as Boof was making up the drinking game), super-ambitious partisan who, after he got tearful at his confirmation hearing about his likely defeat, came out in the final round kicking, biting, hissing, gouging and scratching — to preserve his life, which George Soros and liberal Jews, getting revenge on behalf of the Clintons, were trying to destroy with paid lying liars accusing him and an army of them making FBI complaints about his unfitness for office. Thankfully, in spite of American Jesuits and various bar organizations calling for Kavanaugh to withdraw from consideration, Trump ordered the FBI to quickly investigate Kavanaugh VERY CAREFULLY and in a TOP SECRET manner (all tips vetted by Don McGahn) that would ensure nothing bad would be found or revealed about the petulant, entitled candidate for a lifetime of joining his right wing colleagues for a series of unappealable 5-4 Federalist Society rulings.

Thankfully, we are only a month or two away from Biden’s Committee of Legal Experts issuing their report. A report all legal scholars agree will confirm that the Constitution allows Congress to change the number of Supreme Court justices, particularly when preserving the integrity of the judiciary is the goal.


As for the traumatized woman, Christine Blasey-Ford, who, with nothing whatsoever to gain and everything to lose (and who, along with her family, has paid a steep personal price), testified about Kavanaugh’s drunken, traumatizing behavior, well… she was just part of a calculated, orchestrated, well-financed Clinton-backed cabal of extremists who hate him because he loves God and his family and doesn’t believe any of that godless crap they preach. As for the official Catholic publication in America removing their endorsement of him, or the similar American Bar Association position that, in light of these serious allegations, Boof needed to remove his name from nomination – what don’t you get about George fucking Soros?!!!

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