Nice one from the MTA in the subway of Anarchist Jurisdiction NYC

Yesterday in the subway I passed this sign, put up by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of one of the nation’s largest Anarchist Jurisdictions in the country. You will recall that Trump’s godly hatchet man “Bagpiper” Bill Barr, a pious crusader for his interpretation of Jesus Christ’s eternal law as the basis for all decent American law, and culture, designated New York City and several other cities that were not MAGA-compliant, Anarchist Jurisdictions, radical secular shit holes that would be denied federal funding. Here’s what the Anarchist MTA is displaying in a tunnel under 42nd Street, connecting the 8th Avenue and the 7th Avenue lines.

I trust you can understand why someone like radical right wing religious fanatic Bill Barr would designate this town an Anarchist Jurisdiction. Comparing the cost of an only 95% effective vaccine against a deadly pandemic to the cost of a coffin! For Christ’s sake! Have you no shame, Secular Humanist scum?

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