Justice, USA

I’m trying so hard not to write anything about the “surprising” news from yesterday that a stinking pile of shit once again gave off its usual bad smell. You know, when the thing does the same obnoxious thing over and over and over, it is the definition of insanity to find any of it surprising — outside of the fact that there are never consequences, that nobody can seemingly make the infernal thing stop.

I posted the story last week that the only female prisoner on federal death row appeared to have been given a new lease on her tormented, highly medicated life. Lisa Montgomery had the stay of her Trump/Barr-ordered January 12 execution extended so that her lawyers, quarantined with COVID-19, could show up to argue for why she should not be put to death with poison, (or, as made permissible by national disgrace Bill Barr on Christmas eve: by shooting, or by hanging or electrocution) eight days before Mr. Trump, the Executioner-in-Chief, becomes the ex-president and loses the undisputed power to order people killed.

Today Democracy Now! reports:

A panel of federal judges has reinstated the execution of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, for January 12. The decision reversed a ruling one week earlier allowing for the postponement of Mongomery’s execution because her lawyers contracted COVID-19. Montgomery’s attorney is asking the court to reconsider the ruling. She was convicted for the gruesome 2004 murder of a pregnant woman, but advocates have been asking for clemency and say Montgomery suffers from mental illness caused by a life of abuse. If the execution goes ahead, Lisa Montgomery will be the first woman to be executed by the federal government in nearly 70 years.


The award winning journalists at Democracy Now! followed that report with this one:

Samuel Little, a serial killer who confessed to committing 93 murders between 1970 and 2005, died last week at the age of 80. Little’s victims were mostly young Black women who were estranged from their families or struggling with poverty or other issues, and their deaths did not receive widespread attention. Many of the murders were attributed to overdoses or accidental or undetermined causes. The FBI described Little as the “most prolific serial killer in U.S. history.”


Readers may be as surprised as I was (click the link above) to discover that Little was not a “white” man. I suppose it was the low status of his victims that accounts for the prison sentence instead of the death penalty (not that I think anyone should be executed by the state) for a prolific serial killer. Nobody can say we don’t have Justice here in the USA, it’s only that some people apparently deserve more of it than others.

As for Lisa Montgomery, her last hope is for an en banc hearing (all of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals judges) that could overturn the three judge Appellate panel’s decision that the lower court was mistaken when it declared that scheduling an execution (Jan. 12) during a stay of execution (originally scheduled for Dec. 8) was illegal. I don’t hold out much hope for that hearing of the full federal panel, it’s usually reserved for important cases. In related federal execution news:

Montgomery was the first woman to be scheduled for execution U.S. Attorney General William Barr resumed federal executions in July to partially empty Death Row after a 17-year hiatus.

Daniel Lewis Lee, Wesley Purkey and Dustin Honken were executed in July; Lezmond Mitchell and Keith Dwayne Nelson in August; William LeCroy and Vialva in September and Brandon Bernard and Alfred Bourgeois were put to death in December.


Speaking of “white” men, if a powerful, sadistic sociopath (let’s assume there’s a spectrum, some psychopaths being kinder than others, actually, there is — SEE THIS and the great TED talk it references) exerts the power of his position to extort fraud, to solicit illegal election tampering from an elected official, and fails — well, where is the crime [1]? The corrupt demand and the threats of criminal prosecution may be illegal under the federal code, it is a crime to solicit a government employee’s help to fraudulently rig an electoral count (in this case a thrice-recounted, duly certified count), and also under the law of the state of the official who is being strong-armed into violating the law, but, still– no harm no foul, right? Particularly if we have already established, as 52.5 Republican Senators did during the recent impeachment hoax, that presidential “Abuse of Power” is not a “high crime or a misdemeanor” in the eyes of our sainted, all-seeing Framers.

Also, don’t forget that crimes that are not completed — like a murder plan that does not actually result in the death of the intended victim or anyone else — are not really crimes at all. There is no such crime as “attempted murder.” You can look it up! This was one of the many quasi-legal arguments raised in Mr. Trump’s defense against the scurrilous charge that he supposedly “abused” his unlimited Article Two powers. If the president tried, several times (as reported to Mueller under oath by loyal subordinates of the president), to get rid of that pesky Eagle Scout Robert Mueller and his gang of sick and dangerous traitors, but the subordinates did not follow his orders — well, no harm, no foul! Sacred tenet of Anglo-Saxon law: no harmus, no foulus!

As for that sick, actually murderous, bitch on federal death row? TOTALLY DIFFERENT CASE!!!

Say it with me, y’all: USA! USA!!!!


I try my best not to mock stupidity, certainly not people with mental deficiencies, dementia, congenital conditions rendering them what used to be called retards, imbeciles or cretins, but is there anyone alive who can parse this idiotic statement by the Very Stable Genius, quoted verbatim from an audio recording made by an elected official of his own party to protect himself from the Genius’s inevitable subsequent lies about the nature and substance of the perfect conversation?

I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.

which is one more than we have, because we won the state.


here it is in the context of Mr. Trump’s latest PERFECT phone call, the last line being the punchline in question:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: …and the people of Georgia are angry. The people of the country are angry. And there’s nothing wrong with saying that, you know, that you’ve recalculated.

SECRETARY OF STATE BRAD RAFFENSPERGER: Well, Mr. President, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It’s more illegal for you than it is for them*, because you know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a — you know, that’s a criminal — that’s a criminal offense. And, you know, you can’t let that happen. That’s — that’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. That’s a big risk. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.

* “them” “they”? What the fucking fuck?

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