Federal death row inmate Lisa Montgomery might be allowed to die a natural death

Talk about a random twist of fate staying the executioner’s ax — Lisa Montgomery, the first female slated for execution by federal authorities since, correct me if I’m wrong, Roy Cohn orchestrated the electrocution of Ethel Rosenberg in 1953 (though, see [1]) may get to live the rest of her tormented life in prison. She will not be executed as Trump originally planned, days before Biden’s inauguration, because her lawyers came down with COVID-19 and could not appear to make arguments to extend her stay of execution. A simple twist of fate may save her miserable life of solitary confinement in prison.

A judge has delayed the execution of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row. Montgomery suffers from mental illness caused by a life of abuse, and her lawyers are asking for clemency. She was convicted for the gruesome 2004 murder of a pregnant woman. Her execution this month was delayed after her lawyers got COVID-19; a D.C. district judge ruled Thursday the Justice Department can’t move ahead with a January 12 execution because the stay order will still be in place. Advocates hope Montgomery’s life will be spared by Joe Biden, who has vowed to abolish the federal death penalty.


Trump and his shameless enabler Bill Barr have executed more federal prisoners in the last few months than have been killed by the federal government in the last fifty years. The last lame duck president to carry out an execution was former executioner Grover Cleveland, in January 1889 [2]. Trump clearly loves the power to order the death of black men, as he pardons unrepentant war criminals, private (Blackwater) and military (disgraced, sadistic SEAL Eddie Gallagher) and corrupt colleagues. Trump and uber-Catholic Bill Barr were determined to kill a woman too, the only female federal death row inmate, come hell or high water.

The woman in question committed a gristly murder in 2004. She is administered a daily cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs. Never mind any of the details, Trump was determined to execute this crazy lady — whether by lethal injection, electric chair, firing squad, hanging, poison gas or any other means necessary (Barr actually changed the department’s guidelines for state executions to include those other ways of killing, in case certain mandated deadly chemicals were not available for lethal injection).

One can only hope for, and agitate for, justice to be applied to these wicked men. Justice is the only remedy for wickedness, though the interests of justice are disregarded with sickening regularity when it comes to wealthy, powerful, white men.


The Rosenbergs were the only two American civilians to be executed for espionage-related activity during the Cold War.[48] Ethel was the last female convict to be electrocuted in the state of New York and also the first of the only two women executed by the Federal government in the 20th century, the other one being Bonnie Brown, also executed in 1953.



The number was updated to five, after the article quoted below came out, four are already dead, see THIS:

The Department of Justice has scheduled three federal executions during the administration’s lame-duck period: Orlando Hall on November 19, Lisa Montgomery on December 8, and Brandon Bernard on December 10. The last time the U.S. government carried out an execution between a presidential election and the inauguration of the new president for a federal crime was nearly 132 years ago, on January 25, 1889, when the outgoing administration of Grover Cleveland executed Richard Smith, a Choctaw Indian, for a murder on tribal land in Arkansas.


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