Tell me these men are not modern-day Nazis

On December 24, 2020, a day Christians worldwide celebrate as the eve of the birth of God’s only son, the Prince of Peace, the Messiah, a new Bill Barr-authored Department of Justice federal rule, no doubt applauded by our openly sadistic apex predator Winner-in-chief, will go into effect. The new amendment to the Manner of Federal Executions Rule will make it easier for the federal government to execute condemned prisoners. This should make vengeful white men smile their tight, Mitch McConnell-like, Boof Kavanaughish smiles.

The amendment stipulates that if approved poisons for death by lethal injection are not available for a scheduled execution other options for government killing have been authorized, including Firing Squad, Gas Chamber and Electrocution. I’m not sure if hanging is on the list.

Curious, actually, that hanging and crucifixion are not among the new changes to federal law pushed through by a vengeful lame duck group of angry, powerful, eternally persecuted white men. This is a typical expression of Barr’s smoldering ultra-religious Catholic conviction: a righteous state kills its killers, no matter what (as Jesus Himself always preached). As it is, there will only be a few weeks left after Christmas to get these last-minute executions done.

More information on these changes to the anachronistic Manner of Federal Executions Rule (most civilized nations have abolished this practice which often amounts to government killing of killers without the resources to hire top legal teams, execution is now outlawed by 25 US states [1] and widely opposed by much of the US population):

This comes as the Trump administration has already executed eight people in the past five months. Earlier this month, it executed Orlando Hall at the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. Hall was an African American man sentenced to die by an all-white jury. Prior to this year, the federal government had not executed anyone since 2003, 17 years ago. Now, in what critics say is a dramatic deviation from historical practices, five more people are scheduled to be executed during Trump’s final weeks in office, three of them just days before President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, including the first woman in nearly 70 years [2].

The Death Penalty Information Center reports it has been more than a century since a federal execution was conducted during a lame-duck presidency, in 1889 during the outgoing administration of Grover Cleveland. The Justice Department has not yet said whether it will try to use any methods other than lethal injection for the three executions it scheduled after the new rules takes effect. President-elect Joe Biden said during the election campaign he now supports eliminating the federal death penalty. Biden co-authored legislation in 1990 that expanded the federal death penalty.


It is considered hyperbole to compare men like these to the functionaries and leaders of Mr. Hitler’s government, men history regards as some of humanity’s most despicable criminals (though, many were, no doubt, people are saying, very fine people). We may disagree with some of the things our leaders do, and we have a right to vote them out every few years (theoretically) but comparing them to Goebbels, Himmler, Goring — well, that’s just sick.

In defense of the proposition that it is unfair to compare them to Nazi bureaucrats, they have not advocated or instituted a system of death camps (in fact, not a single vernichtungslager! is up and running), or even widespread concentration camps (except a few, privately run, for the children of illegal aliens). On the other hand, Hitler’s government didn’t take either of those widely condemned measures until five, six, seven years into their Thousand Year Reich, so there’s that.

I keep reading how virtually no congressional Republican will denounce Trump’s wildly spreading lie (now believed by a majority of the 73,000,000 who voted for Trump) that the elections were fake, the vote totals the result of massive fraud after a vast conspiracy by blood drinking pedophiles to rig the election, a cunning conspiracy that involved many highly placed state Republican traitors in several states — and a conspicuously suspicious failure to flip the Senate (proof!).

Hard to imagine that it would take much courage for a few leading Republican senators or House members to publicly walk away from Trump’s incendiary, endlessly disproved, judicially dismissed, transparently anti-democratic lies.

These cowed Trump-enablers are like the German right who stared straight ahead during the Weimar Republic, nodding silently while their more colorful colleagues fomented the wildly popular, infuriating myth of “the Stab in the Back.” This popular counterfactual rewriting of German history was the wind beneath the wings of the fledgling Nazi movement as it soared to power in a humiliated Germany, crushed by mounting war debt to the fraudulent, punitive “winners” of the war.

I’ve been thinking of this myth that gave vibrant political life to the Nazi movement until its dying day. It goes as follows: although by the time of the surrender there was widespread starvation among the German populace, a general strike by the German Navy, mounting losses on the battlefield in a war that was by every appearance lost, when the Imperial German high command arranged the surrender to the Allies on November 9, 1918… well… it was the Socialists, the Communists and Jewish traitors, stabbing the victorious German army in the back!

This vicious “stab in the back” led to every misfortune that befell Germany under the historically punitive terms of their surrender — AS THE GERMAN ARMY WAS WINNING THE WAR! Never defeated on the battlefield, the world’s most invincible military was betrayed by an implacable international enemy that must be violently wiped out!

We should note that a similar rewriting of history arose here, decades after the Civil War, the popular myth of the Lost Cause, a glorious fight for a beautiful way of life that had absolutely nothing to do with slavery! (A war of “ideas” that is being fought to this day, with very fine people on both sides, on all sides).

Others have been comparing Trump’s stolen election lie to the infamous Dolchstosslegende, apparently. Two have written of it (here’s the other one, Trump Contrives his Stab-in-the-back Myth) recently in the Grey Lady, you know, the lugenpresse. Controlled by… well, it sounds petty to say it … the Jews.

Need I say more?


33 states have either abolished or have not used the death penalty in the last 10 years. Of the 25 states still with the law, 18 haven’t executed anyone in the past five years and 12 haven’t in the last 10. Since 2007, nine states have abolished the death penalty, but four of those have Governor imposed moratorium.

Death penalty in US: Which states still have it and how …


The rush to execute the woman, Lisa Montgomery, on January 12, was described this way:

It is a paroxysm of violence that we are seeing right now. And one of the things that is so hard to digest is that the people that they are choosing to subject to these methods of execution are not, as Sister Helen just said, the worst of the worst; they are the most broken of the broken.

And Lisa Montgomery is a good example of that. She is somebody the federal government intends to execute on January 12th. And she was a victim of incest, of gang rape, of child sex trafficking, of unimaginable violence for her entire life before she committed the crime for which she was sentenced to death. She is profoundly mentally ill. She began to dissociate when she was a teenager, when her stepfather built her a special room off the side of their trailer so he and his buddies could go in and rape her. Her mother sold her to the plumber and to the electrician, told her that she had to earn her keep. And so she obtained services after these men raped Lisa. And Lisa was left, from these experiences, as somebody who has the most fragile grip on reality, because she had to escape from her reality in order to survive.

This is the kind of person that William Barr intends to put to death in January. Why the rush to execute someone like Lisa Montgomery among all of these other people? That to me, illustrates the brutality of what we are witnessing right now.


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