Georgia Runoff update

A few days ago I promised more information on how you can help get a functional Senate elected on January 5 by supporting Reverend Raphael Warnock (in his race against Kemp appointee Kelly Loeffler) and Jon Ossoff (who runs against mega-Trumper David Perdue) in the Georgia runoff for U.S. Senate.

I will do that now, after noting the vicious Republican on Republican cannibalism that Trump has unleashed against his former loyal Republican allies in Georgia (the vote-suppressing, mayor suing — she mandated mask-wearing for COVID! — governor, a traitor, ditto the ultra conservative attorney general who refused to resign after ordering the legally required run-offs and then, sickest of all, certifying the vote total for Biden!) but first, a short news item from the “Clinton News Network” (Crooked Donald’s characteristically clever, catchy coinage):

(CNN) President Donald Trump found himself trapped in an election riddle of his own making Friday — continuing to push false claims that the election was a “total scam,” even after another humiliating court rebuke in Pennsylvania, while insisting that his supporters should turn out in Georgia’s January Senate runoff elections despite concerns about fraud that he has sown.


I would have added “unsubstantiated” or “thoroughly debunked” to the above concerns about fraud, but… picky, picky, picky. Then again, I voted for Crooked Hillary four years ago.

Here are two things you can do today to help bring out the vote to elect two senators to break the McConnell stranglehold on lawmaking and confirmations. We already know that a McConnell-controlled Senate is where needed bills and moderate picks for Senate confirmation go to die. Ask any of the millions of Americans who slipped into poverty while Mitch refuses to renew relief for suffering citizens, fixated on protecting extreme right wing power in the Senate and the federal judiciary.

The first is an easy one, organized by Stacey Abrams, you can kick in five or ten bucks and watch the show. The second takes a bit of work, but I can tell you from experience, it feels good to drop the work in the mailbox. Stacey Abrams:

We all know what is at stake on January 5, and Fair Fight is working hard – with your help – to make sure Georgians are able cast their votes by mail, early in-person, or on election day and have their votes counted. While we’re working hard, we can also have some fun!

I’d love for you to join me on Thursday, December 3 for a virtual concert we’re calling “Rock The Runoff” featuring performances by John Legend, Common, Earthgang, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie, Indigo Girls, and more to be announced.

Rock The Runoff
Thursday, December 3 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST
Tickets start at $5


I promise you that this will be a night you won’t want to miss. You’ll hear exclusive performances from some incredible artists and hear from Georgians and others about what is at stake on January 5.

I hope you’ll join me, John, and more of my friends for a night of music and fun to support Fair Fight in our mission to promote free and fair elections for all on January 5 and beyond.

Let’s get it done.



I wrote and sent 50 postcards (and will get at least 50 more) for this small, grassroots group, who asked that we all publicize their efforts and get more post card writers. They are five Pennsylvania women who call themselves Tinicum Together and appear to be fierce as hell.

The challenge going forward will be to form Committees of Correspondence so all these little groups of humanistic activists around the nation can coordinate and help each other steer events the way we all need them to go (well, 99% of us, anyway).

Dear Postcard Writing Friends,

Postcard Writing News

Here’s the Georgia postcard news.  The leadership of the Georgia Democratic Committees in Cobb, Douglas and Paulding counties have been sending us lists of selected Democrats in their counties who they believe would benefit most from handwritten postcards. 

The leadership has also sent us postcard scripts to motivate their constituencies. To inform the Latinx voter, scripts from Douglas and Paulding counties contain some Spanish.  The Georgia leadership knows its voters and feel the scripts they have sent will resonate.  Please use the script as written. 

Upcoming holidays limit our ability to connect with Georgia Democrats. We have ONE MONTH to maximize our impact.  For this LAST PHASE of the Senate runoff postcard campaign, please mail them as you go and have all sent by DECEMBER 24.


When we asked for your help a week ago your response was incredible! Thank you!  As of this morning, we have sent you 23,000 postcards. Please mail them as you go. We need more postcard writers. Please encourage friends to contact us. We will send out packets expeditiously.

When we asked for your donations, you gave! Thank you!  Your contributions via venmo and by check make it possible for us to purchase postcards and send packets to volunteers. We still need $21,000 to maximize our reach for the last phase of the Senate runoff postcard campaign. Please ask friends to join you: VENMO (@Tinicum-Together) or by check: Tinicum Together, POB 61, Erwinna, PA 18920

Voters savor your handwritten postcards personally written to them.  The pandemic makes door-to-door canvassing all but impossible. Georgia voters are deleting unwanted emails, screening phone calls, and discarding printed campaign materials but they read and appreciate your handwritten cards. Please ask friends to participate in this effort and let us know how many more postcards you would like us to send to you for this final Senate runoff postcard push.

Tinicum Together posted this NPR piece the other day, which details some of the Republican chaos in Georgia. Combine that with the closeness of the November elections and record voter turnout, and this:

and you see that we have a real shot of getting a functional Senate, in an election that will likely be decided by a small margin of whichever party gets more voters to the polls. Nothing else in American politics is more crucial at this perilous moment in our history.

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