There will be those who will try to refute this

The more I think about the coalition of conservatives who formed the Lincoln Project , their political views, the efforts they’ve made in the past to bring something like this about (Trump was an unintended consequence for them, though predictable) the less I like this group — though I respect that they’re trying to atone for bringing the nation to the brink of totalitarianism. And, as their type always has, they make very powerful political ads.

This hard-hitting spot is not going to sit well with the pro-evil forces, I can tell you for sure. It can be refuted only by calling all reports of federal action and inaction in a pandemic, all death and infection numbers, all comparisons to other nations, all reports about political calculation by the most nakedly “transactional” administration in history, all “news”, the product of vicious, lying partisans intent on destroying the greatest genius that has ever led a nation in the history of the world.

It’s perhaps worth noting that the teenaged daughter of Kellyanne and George Conway, Kellyanne perhaps the loyalest and most savage of Trump defenders, he of the Lincoln Project– and a man who holds that Trump suffers from an extreme and malignant form of narcissistic personality disorder — effectively forced both of her parents out of politics for the foreseeable future. The fifteen year-old “influencer” announced her intention to “emancipate” herself, to get out of the madhouse she’s been growing up in. Kellyanne and George both publicly agreed to a public ceasefire, Kellyanne announcing that she’s stepping down as Trump’s loudest mouthpiece, George stepping away from the Lincoln Project.

May the most malignant conspiracy theory… not win.

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