On His Way Back from Epstein’s?

World-class instinctual expert on propaganda, Adolf Hitler, applauded the Allied propagandists who, during the World War (the first, and at the time, only one) created incendiary, aggressively lying captions for news photos.  These captions effectively inspired hatred, rage and terror, three things needed to make an army fight a hated enemy (or civilian group, for that matter) to the death.   Mr. Hitler could not endorse this tested and effective technique of creating lying captions strongly enough.  He sang its praises lustily in the pages of Mein Kampf.     

So, using this principle, I could take, say, an otherwise innocent picture of somebody, like this one:

And simply provide a scandal-evoking caption like:

Coming home from Epstein’s?

to suggest, without a shred of evidence (and with perfect deniability– it’s just a question!), that the man pictured here is with a child prostitute, solicited and groomed by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell [1], for the use of wealthy, influential pedophiles. The girl is a takeout order.

It is a small step from producing fake photographic “proof” (the kid is actually a young self-made entrepreneur-in-training named Ivanka Trump) to spinning the rest of the conspiracy– not only does this evil pervert pay a sex-trafficker to kidnap this young girl so he can take her away in his limo to sexually abuse her, but, even worse, not long after this picture was taken he murdered her and drank her blood.

And, of course, as the mysterious and all-knowing oracle named W preaches: only Joe Biden can save us from this dastardly plot hatched by this depraved sex-pervert cannibal and his likeminded followers!!!

[1] The above link will take you to a long Guardian article about Maxwell’s father, Ian Robert Maxwell, controversial self-made millionaire media titan and politician and his influence on Jeffrey Epstein’s best friend. In Ghislane’s larger-than-life father’s defense, and you have to love it, his widow had this to say:

In her autobiography, Betty, who died aged 92 in 2013, described Maxwell as bullying, unfaithful and frequently absent. But she insisted he was “not the degenerate monster” many said he was.


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