John Birch Society– still going strong after 62 years!

This rousing call for more freedom, rights and liberties is from the homepage of the John Birch Society website:

Freedom is the Cure

The number of rights, liberties, and freedoms lost during this Wuhan virus COVID-19 lockdown is tremendous! Around the globe, countries have shown that shutdowns are not necessary. We’d invite you to join others in your area working to restore our freedom. We’ve created some great resources for you to educate Americans and stand for freedom. May we count on your help?

We, as Americans, are responsible for our own healthcare. We do not consent to these tyrannical orders of shutting down places of worship and not being able to peaceably assemble. We thoroughly proclaim that Freedom IS The Cure! The John Birch Society provides a national program designed to counter the Deep State/Big Government agenda and to restore our rights.

Sound familiar, boys and girls?   

The “Wuhan virus COVID-19 lockdown” is tyranny, baby!  Shutdowns are not necessary, as worldwide experience teaches.   We are responsible for our own healthcare and don’t consent to not being allowed to worship Jesus, or whatever else we choose, in large indoor gatherings.   Freedom to contract the disease IS THE CURE!   

Join us, your fellow wild, alternate reality embracing extremists!   Remember, all government is Communism (except for the police).

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