Two small puzzlers

How has the court not thrown out Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s strategically political lawsuit trying to stop Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms from mandating mask wearing in public during the pandemic? 

Kemp brought the emergency lawsuit to enforce his arguably rational executive order, which reads in part:

“Any state, county, or municipal law, order, ordinance, rule, or regulation that requires persons to wear face coverings, masks, or shields, or any other Personal Protective Equipment while in places of public accommodation or public property are suspended to the extent that they are more restrictive than this Executive Order.”

How is it that the court didn’t throw out this nakedly political lawsuit, selectively brought against a black, female Democratic mayor, when Kemp did not sue the mayors of Georgia cities “such as Savannah, Athens, East Point, College Park, and Brookhaven” who also issued mask mandates?

Oh, I see.   Hadn’t heard that one.

And this laundry list of  Orwellian horse shit about how Mr. T (who is pursuing a case in the Supreme Court to abolish the Affordable Care Act during a pandemic) is reversing Obama’s vicious health reform law to benefit all American suckers (could she be describing the campaign promise he made in 2016 to give all Americans cheaper, better health care?):

And this beauty for seniors, the vulnerable old bastards (I’m 64, yo) who Mr. Trump is doing everything possible to prevent from voting by mail during a pandemic that disproportionately kills us (and this demographic overwhelming supported Mr. T in 2016– SAD!) :

It’s all being done in good clean fun, folks!   

Seriously, can’t y’all take a joke?   ROTFLMAO!


Bonus — Billionaires for Trump:

#10 Kelcy & Amy Warren

Net worth: $2.5 billion
Source of wealth: Pipelines
Contributions: $721,200
Gave to 2016 Trump campaign? Yes, $100,000

Kelcy Warren cofounded pipeline company Energy Transfer with Ray C. Davis (now also a billionaire) in 1995. Warren’s fortune stems from publicly traded company Energy Transfer LP, of which he is CEO and chairman. In 2017, following protests, Energy Transfer finished building the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline after an executive order from President Trump. Energy Transfer says the 1,172-mile pipeline can transport almost 500,000 barrels of oil daily.


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