Talking Point of A Demented Man

In a demented nutshell:

Everyone knows that wealthy, successful American job creators and their supporters are constantly under vicious attack by unprincipled losers, the politically correct “class warriors” who pretend to be concerned with things like social justice, human rights, fairness, mitigating climate disaster, equality for women and smokescreens like that.   What is actually under attack are Christian values, heterosexuality, the rights of white people, the sanctity of the life of every fetus and the basic liberties we all cherish. 

Corporations, including media and social media companies, take pains not to alienate the rich, influential holders of these views.   They are a huge and powerful demographic.   Facebook, for example, says it will allow citizens to make up their own minds about what’s real and what’s fake in political ads — it will not put its multi-billion dollar ad revenue finger on the scale.   Every major news outlet makes every effort to give even the most incoherent, clearly false, statements by our president and his fans some veneer of coherence by noting, for example, that others also believe this baseless conspiracy, or what have you.  My favorite media fairness qualifier “the president denies this.”

The other day Twitter refused to take down two tweets Trump sent out accusing media pundit and former Congressman Joe Scarborough of murdering a staffer years ago, although the woman died of an undiagnosed heart ailment while Scarborough was hundreds of miles away.   Twitter promised to look into how to police such outrageous lies by America’s demented CEO.    They apparently came up with a fix, and the Artist of the Deal is spitting mad– but, as always, he has a great new talking point!

President Trump is threatening to shut down social media platforms after Twitter labeled two of his tweets as potentially misleading. On Tuesday, Trump sent out two tweets attacking mail-in voting, claiming it would lead to a rigged election. Twitter responded by adding fact-check labels to the tweets with information about how there is no established link between voting by mail and voter fraud. Trump responded by accusing the company of interfering in the 2020 election and of stifling his free speech.

Earlier this morning, Trump wrote on Twitter:

“Republicans feel that Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices. We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen.”


We can all agree that conservative voices have been, like, totally silenced in liberal America.  You never hear the conservative voice anywhere.

In April the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted 4-2, along party lines, (as the federal Supreme Court did 5-4 in Bush v. Gore, stopping vote recounts and appointing G.W. Bush president) that the governor of Wisconsin could not postpone the election, that citizens of Wisconsin had to go to the polls during a pandemic, at a time when authorities in the state were requiring citizens to remain sheltered at home (at a time when the vast majority of polling places in cities could not be opened).   The conservative majority was trying to ensure the election of a Scott Walker appointee, the 5th conservative vote.  Low voter turnout seems to favor the Republican, the health and safety of citizens be damned — liberty is more important than life.  Naturally, all of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court judges voted absentee this year, after blocking postponement of the election during the coronavirus.   The conservative judge on the ballot was voted out anyway.

The US Supreme Court heard an emergency Republican National Committee appeal of the federal case over the extending of voting rights during a pandemic.   Ignoring pertinent facts and citing shaky precedents, a few voting rights cases that did not include any from the last pandemic, in 1918, Justice Boof Kavanaugh wrote for the 5-4 majority, overturning, the day before the election, on maniacally narrow grounds, the district court and the federal appeals court decisions allowing a few additional days for return of mail in ballots that had not been distributed in time.   Extending (by six days) the deadline for absentee voting, concluded Kavanaugh, would violate our sacred laws (and disadvantage Republicans on the ballot).   Justice Ginsburg’s crystal clear, short dissent explains exactly why this partisan ruling is wrong, what crucial facts Kavanaugh ignored and how badly off point the precedents he cited were.   Read about it here, RGB’s argument is certainly worth reading– the last couple of pages.   Nothing you or anyone else can do about it anyway, loser.      Another reminder, for me, if one was needed, of what a slimy piece of corporate excrement the Chief Justice is.

This last minute party line 5-4 vote to block a sensible precaution during an actual plague, imposing the will of a narrow, partisan majority of unappealable, conservative political appointees on the governor of a state, not only endangered the lives of thousands forced to choose between casting a ballot in person, not having a mail in ballot not yet received counted or protecting themselves from an incurable virus, but is an ugly omen of things to come.   

It will not be the only oppressive narrow party-line Supreme Court ruling coming down in support of extreme “conservative values”, the values that are so regularly, and so unfairly, attacked by angry, misguided fools like me. 

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