Talking Points of a Determined Man

Determination can be a great thing, as when someone is not deterred by fear, cold water, darkness, the tremendous odds against success, in diving into a raging sewage drain to save the life of a drowning child.    Determination can just as easily go the other way, as when someone like billionaire oil-baron Charles Koch is unalterably determined to leave the world a much worse place than it was when he came into it.    In the second case, determination seems grim and maniacal.

We have a man of grim and maniacal determination at the head of our nation at the moment.   Here are some notes he made on Air Force One, notes he clutched in his hand as he forcefully defended his innocence, arguing strongly to the American public that abuse of power is no crime, no vice, nothing to see.  The notes of his key talking points were photographed, no doubt, by a vicious traitor.

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 6.46.54 PM

What he wanted, of course, as he said more than once in his famously “perfect” call (as shown clearly even in his “transcript”), was a public announcement from new Ukrainian President Zelensky that the Ukrainians were launching a criminal investigation of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s apparently corrupt job for Ukrainian oligarchs.  This in exchange for that, the announcement for the arms Congress had already earmarked for Ukraine, or in the Latin, quid pro quo.   

Our CEO, who employs his own unqualified children as senior government advisers, corruptly held up a shipment of arms to our besieged ally for months, as leverage, in an attempt to shake the young president down.  He reminded himself, in his ALL CAPS NOTE, to tell America “THIS (strong denial) IS THE FINAL WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.” 

As it turned out to be when the Republican Senate refused to allow witnesses, documents or testimony introduced at the president’s impeachment trial.  (After Nancy Pelosi bullheadedly refused to connect the dots with an indictment for Obstruction of Justice, which our CEO has done, and continues to do, seamlessly, tirelessly since at least May 2017.)

He is supremely determined to exert his will, and as he rules by fear of swift, ugly, public reprisal, taking his Bully Pulpit quite literally, he has the shameful, obedient support of his staunch loyalists in government.  This man comes by his grim determination naturally, the fourth of five children [1], not the smartest, not the most promising, not his parents’ favorite by any means.  He needed to establish his dominance by any means necessary — he did so by sheer determination to dominate.

He waves red meat in front of his enthusiastic base constantly.   Having many zealously religious Christian supporters, though he himself is as openly irreligious a man as has ever strode the earth (a “flawed vessel” in the words of his Christian apologists), he makes sure to throw them a nice bloody flank from time to time.  On Friday, this:

President Donald Trump: “Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship. It’s not right. So I’m correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.”   source

This strong move was in the context of needing an assurance from the treasonous governor of North Carolina, where the Republican National Convention is scheduled to be held, that he could have a huge arena filled with screaming supporters.   As Amy Goodman reported today:

Trump is threatening to move August’s Republican convention from Charlotte, North Carolina, if the state’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper doesn’t guarantee he can have a packed arena. On Monday, Trump accused Cooper of being “still in Shutdown mood.” The Twitter attack came just two days after North Carolina registered its largest daily increase in coronavirus cases.
On Friday, Trump said all houses of worship are essential, and threatened to override governors who refused to lift restrictions on them if restrictions weren’t lifted by the weekend.

Of course, if we allow ourselves the indulgence of a moment of logic:  a liquor store can require masks, and allow one or two customers in at a time, same with an abortion clinic.  Medical offices and most food stores all have procedures in place to minimize the spread of this deadly virus. By maintaining space between people, requiring masks and taking other precautions, services can be provided without increasing the  risk of infection.

Obviously, a church is a completely different story, the whole point of a congregation is to congregate.   Same with an arena full of cheering partisans who refuse to wear masks, as their hero refuses, even while touring a mask factory the other day.  If they’d stay in the church, or the packed arena, I’d say God bless ’em, let their savior look after them.   They don’t stay in their churches or arenas, they demand freedom to be free of all restrictions, to infect whoever they damned well please, if this virus is even a real thing!

Look, it’s clear that this grimly determined man is nuts.  He is determined to do whatever is necessary to keep his solid 39% base believing that he is looking out for them, has their backs, always speaks truthfully for their justifiable rage and fear.  Look at the delicious carcasses he is continually tossing to them!   Obamagate!    Traitorgate!    Spaceforcegate!   Sessionsgate!   Comeygate!    Schiffgate!   Muellergate!    Anti-Trump talking head Joe Scarboroughgate!!!   

That traitorous so-called Republican (Scarborough, keep up here, America) who is constantly badmouthing me, murdered a staffer years ago, killed her in cold blood, yet he has the temerity to criticize me?    A murderer!   THE DOJ WILL INVESTIGATE ALL OF THESE SICK AND DANGEROUS INDIVIDUALS, SUCH SERIOUS CRIMES WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED!!!  If Twitter tries to delete my truthful tweets I WILL DELETE TWITTER!!  (Twitter quickly backed down, as corporate entities will always do, given the right profit incentive).

As for so-called Joe Biden’s so-called female “running mate”?   Get me Mike Flynn!  Mike!  Mike!   Here he is, let’s hear it for this great American hero, completely and totally exonerated by our great Attorney General!   Ready, Mike?     “LOCK HER UP!  LOCK HER UP!!!!” 

The people have spoken!




[1]  The Fuhrer himself was the fifth of six children, also of a ruthless and abusive father, and was, if you can picture it, an even more determined man than our current CEO. 




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