Meet 29 year-old John McEntee, Trump’s new Czar of Loyalty to Trump

I sometimes joke, when posting a story from them, that Business Insider is a Communist front.   Maybe it is [1].   Business Insider seems to be the first search hit for many important stories about the Trump administration, income inequality (they broke the Bezos makes almost $9,000,000/hour story), investigations into Trump criminality and the like.  

Check out this Business Insider piece on John McEntee.   McEntee is Trump’s former “body man” and “bag man” (I dread to consider either of those things),  He was fired, briefly (and unfairly, according to him) by  White House Chief of Staff John Kelly in 2018 for concern over financial problems including on-line gambling, tax reporting violations and for failing the background check for his security clearance.  Trump rehired him the next day for his 2020 campaign and in February named McEntee as his new director of the Presidential Personnel Office.   

McEntee is tasked with going through the hit lists of disloyal appointees compiled by, among others, Black Klansman Clarence Thomas’s right-wing superstar wife.  The new disloyalty Czar is seeking to root out not long-time “deep state” government workers who might not feel unquestioning personal loyalty to the president,  but possibly disloyal persons appointed by Trump himself. 

As a young college quarterback MCEntee produced a video showing off his eerily accurate passing ability, join 7,379,964 others and check it out.  

More about this new Czar of Loyalty, and a lot of sickening details about his current work, here in this article on Axios entitled Trump’s “Deep State” hit list.  Its author,  Jonathan Swan, was recently interviewed about this article by Terry Gross [2].    All unsurprising, but sickening and worth knowing about.



[1]  A tip-off is their spelling of “altar boy”:  alter boy.

[2] Terry plays a clip of Swan’s interview with Trump’s loyal son-in-law senior advisor Jared “Qualified because born rich, bitch” Kushner:

So here’s my guest Jonathan Swan with Jared Kushner in June of 2019.


SWAN: Do you believe the Palestinian people deserve their own independent sovereign state with a capital in East Jerusalem?

JARED KUSHNER: There’s a difference between the technocrats, and there’s a difference between the people. The technocrats are focused on very technocratic things. And when I speak to Palestinian people, what they want is they want the opportunity to live a better life. They want the opportunity to pay their mortgage. They…

SWAN: You don’t think they want their own state, free from Israeli government and military?

KUSHNER: I think that they want an – look; they’ve been promised a lot of things for a lot of years, and they’ve been lied to. I think that they’ve been misled. And I think that a lot of the things that people have held out for them have just not come through, for one way or the other. And you can blame all different types of things. But I do think that they should have self-determination. I’m going to leave the details until we come out with the actual plan. But I think that what’s most important is that they have the opportunity to better their lives, live in peace with their neighbors and have the same opportunities that Israelis have.

SWAN: Well, that’s sovereignty.

KUSHNER: Well, we’re talking about the people, not about the actual…

SWAN: Well, here’s what I want to know – how do you know what the Palestinian people want? Like, I’ve heard you say that in interviews before. I mean, you’re not exactly walking on the streets of Ramallah every day. I mean, you’re sort of representing what the Palestinian people want. I mean, how do you, frankly, know?

KUSHNER: So we’ve been talking with a lot of people privately for two years now. I’ve spoken with a lot of people from the region. I’ve spoken with a lot of people from the Israeli side, a lot of people from – who’ve been involved with this in the past, a lot of people…

SWAN: It seems mostly Gulf people. Have you really spoken to that many Palestinians?

KUSHNER: Again, Jonathan, one thing about the way I’ve conducted myself is not a lot of people know who I’ve been talking to and what I’ve been talking about, and that protects people. I mean, the Palestinian people do live under a fairly authoritative regime today, and a lot of people are afraid to step out.

SWAN: Do you understand why the Palestinians don’t trust you?

KUSHNER: Look – I’m not here to be trusted; I’m here to you…

SWAN: Well, you are, frankly. I mean, to look at it from their point of view – and you’re a businessman; you always look at things from their view. You’ve got three Orthodox Jews on the negotiating team. Two of you have, at different points, funded settlements, Jewish settlements in the West Bank. You’ve got the actions you’ve taken so far, moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. You’ve cut all aid to the Palestinians, including hospitals in East Jerusalem. And you’ve shut down the Palestinian diplomatic office in Washington. I mean, can you not see why they might not want to talk to you and that they might not trust you?

KUSHNER: All right, so there’s a difference between the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people, OK?

SWAN: And you think the Palestinian people would be OK with all of those things that you guys have done?

KUSHNER: The actions we’ve taken were because – America’s aid is not an entitlement, right? If we make certain decisions, which we’re allowed to as a sovereign nation, to respect the rights of another sovereign nation and we get criticized by that government, the response of this president is not to say, oh, let me give you more aid. So again, that was as a result of decisions taken by the Palestinian leadership. With regards to the Palestinian people, I do believe that they want to have a better life, and I do think that they’re not going to judge…

SWAN: They don’t mind the aid being cut.

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