Electronic Democracy

Whew.   Electronic democracy is as big an oxymoron as saying “social media” to describe sitting alone pounding at keys to interact with your “friends”.   Let us count your votes for you, on our state of the art computers, nothing to worry about.   We’ll count everything fairly, we’re all in this together, no need for paper any more.

There continue to be many irregularities at electronic polling places, with Democratic voters being turned away yesterday when their names didn’t show up on electronic data bases.  In a dramatic, made for TV incident, the mayor of Kansas City was told he wasn’t eligible to vote at the polling place where he’s cast his ballot since 2009.  He had just produced a video encouraging his fellow citizens to vote.   Then he was turned away.  Computer said you’re not eligible, man.

Representative Jim Clyburn, Democrat of South Carolina, urged the DNC to shut down the Sanders’ campaign, calling Biden the soon-to-be “prohibitive nominee”.   Dig it.   Clyburn, the Majority Whip, we learn, is the third most powerful Democrat in the House and the most powerful Black member.  His support of Biden played a large role in the popular gaffe machine’s Lazurus-like rise from the dead to take South Carolina, where Black voters were apparently swayed by Biden’s constant, loyal presence next to his best buddy,  our only African-American (more African than American, according to many haters) president. 

None of us can see the future, but it’s not hard to picture how well the emotional Biden will do in a debate against a brazen compulsive liar and bully who only has to refrain from openly masturbating or shitting on the debate stage in order to win.  It’s not hard to picture how well Biden will fare in a debate with Sanders.  It’s hard to picture the “prohibitive nominee” not blowing up or bursting out in tears, or both, when the bully president has him against the ropes, kicking him low,  using both knees to tenderize his kidneys and other parts, while repeatedly punching him in the face.  As the referees break for a commercial.

I watch Biden bumbling, I see Clyburn calling for an end to the Sanders campaign so Biden can focus on beating Trump like a drum, and I picture Zora Neale Hurston, looking down, shaking her head, mumbling “my people… my people…”


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