CBS delivers free, powerful informercial to Trump 2020. USA! USA!!!!

The clips of Democratic candidates shouting over each other during their recent South Carolina debate, seemingly deranged, divided and unable to even listen to each other’s positions, was delivered by CBS to the Trump 2020 campaign.  That the live-TV fiasco was the failure of CBS to properly moderate the debate?   Whoopsie-daisy!    It’s not that we like Trump, don’t assume we like him, it’s just that he’s so goddamn good for our bottom line!

Les Moonves, forced to resign from his job as head of CBS when multiple sexual abuse allegations against led to the determination that he is a fucking pig, famously said the networks were not giving Trump all this free airtime because they liked him.  He raises ratings.   Advertisers like him because audiences love him, and that makes CBS coffers fatter.   “He may not be good for America, but he sure is good for our shareholders!” or something like that was Les’s comment.   A year or two later Les had to make due with a smaller exit package, as his $120,000,000 golden parachute was clawed back by CBS since Moonves was fired “for cause.”   (I was unable to find out what happened with his attempt to get it back through arbitration)

Meanwhile, CBS appears to have set no rules for its candidate debate, issued no warnings for repeated interruptions, did not cut the mic of anyone who persisted in shouting down and talking over somebody else>  The result: plenty of footage of unruly candidates, forced to jealously vie for air time, snapping at each other.   The footage provides a valuable free campaign bonanza for Mr. Trump’s billion dollar advertising, media and disinformation teams.

And God bless these United Shayssssh…


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