Perspective on Unlimited Campaign Money and (self-funded) Billionaire Presidential Campaigns

Just to make this one perplexing fact about our political system a bit more clear.  

One billion dollars is a thousand million dollars.  It looks like this:  $1,000,000,000.00.    

Mike Bloomberg, for example, has about this amount of money:  $60,000,000,000.00.  

He plans to boldly spend at least $500,000,000.00 in paid campaigning by “Super Tuesday” when more than a dozen states are simultaneously in play, along with 33.8% of delegates nationwide..  He is already closing in on that half billion number, having passed $350,000,000.00 already.  Take out your calculator.

If candidate Bloomberg spends $500,000,000.00 for ads and staff to help him win maximum delegates toward the Democratic presidential nomination on Super Tuesday, what percentage of his fortune does he spend?

To divide those numbers, first move the 5 of $500,000,000 over five places. You can see at once what an insignificant fraction that half billion actually is to someone with sixty billion.  If it was $600,000,000, we could see at a glance the percentage of sixty billion would be about 1%.

Placing the numbers into a calculator gives us our mathematical answer:  .0083%   One half a billion dollars equals .0083% of Mike Bloomberg’s personal fortune.  That’s a shade under 1%.   If he felt like spending a billion, that would be 1.66% of his personal fortune.  An unprecedented $5,000,000,000.00 presidential campaign expenditure would be 8.3% of his wealth.

For the equivalent for the “average” citizen, with $10,000 in savings, that $500,000,000 Bloomberg expenditure is $83.   Chump change by any calculation.  If you have $1,000 the equivalent amount would be $8.30 — it would hardly break the bank.  On a personal fortune of $100 it would cost you 83 cents.

As far as the rest of the story on Mike Bloomberg, a man who bought a third NYC mayoral term after being blocked by term limits, I will return here eventually for a full treatment of Mike Bloomberg, a vicious, smooth-talking,  weasel-dicked motherfucker.  As for what Bloomberg will do as president, I can confidently tell you he’d be basically Trump with a brain.

American history master Robert Caro observed that the only accurate way to tell what somebody would do if they had power is to watch them exercise power when they actually have it.   LBJ had all of his segregationist buddies fooled for all those years, during his climb, as he built his national Senate majority,  when the time came he betrayed them all by signing legislation to once again enforce century-old constitutional rights for Coloreds.  LBJ paid a big price, politically and personally, but, as Caro points out, signing that equality and expansion of the New Deal legislation was what he wanted to do all along, if he ever got the power to do it.  The proof is that, in spite of the tremendous forces against it, he actually did it when he had the power to.   Politicians will do and say almost anything to get votes and campaign funds, it’s what they do in power that tells you what you really need to know before you cast a ballot.   We have a fat book here in New York City on Mike as mayor of New York City, pretty much a piece of shit from start to finish.  I have a few details that I’d like to have more well-known (and will do in coming days).

I heard a pundit say, correctly, that this longtime Republican, Bloomberg, should be spending his vast fortune to secure the Republican nomination against Trump.   Mayor Mike knows that would not be possible in the fearful cult of Trump that is currently the Republican party.   So he runs as a Democrat, with the advantages of a demoralized, terrified Democratic electorate,  a compliant mass media squelching meaningful public discussion of social and environmental justice during the presidential campaign, a desperate, willing DNC (one that won’t even allow the candidates to debate the best ways to deal with the escalating climate crisis) and unlimited funds, from his own money that he made entirely by himself, with no help from anybody.  

Realpolitik, baby, the name of Mike Bloomberg’s sickening game.   The practical art of attaining and wielding power divorced from moral, ethical, ideological or any other consideration, outside of gaining and maintaining power.  Only in 2020 America, kids.  Where the 1% can spend less than 1% to become a serious contender for heavyweight champion of the world.




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