How to argue against putting innocent refugees in concentration camps

What to do when your government is criminalizing asylum seekers, brutalizing children, cramming them into unhealthy cages where disease proliferates as abuses by guards are ignored?   With, of course, a rotating cast of government officials that continues to lie about this brutal mistreatment of innocent “others”.   This, from today’s Democracy Now! broadcast:

In Washington, D.C., 18 Jewish activists with the group Never Again Action were arrested on Capitol Hill Tuesday as they protested against the jailing of migrants and called on lawmakers to shut down the detention camps and defund ICE and CBP.

Protester: “Congress once again voted to increase funding to ICE and CBP by passing a supplemental funding bill to send $4.6 billion to bankroll the criminalization, detention and deportation of those seeking refuge on our southern border. We thank the 95 representatives who voted against funding hate, and say ‘shame’ to the 305 representatives”—

Protesters: “Shame!”

In a statement, Never Again Action said:

 “As Jews, we know what the separation of families, the covert rounding-up of people and the creation of concentration camps can lead to. We refuse to wait and see what happens next.”

They also said:

We know what happens when people unaffected by crises act as bystanders and look the other way. We will not stay silent while our historical trauma is weaponized to distract from the terror that our government is unleashing on immigrant communities.”

(emphasis mine)


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