Bagpiper Bill– NEW LOW

This amazing guy, handsome Bagpiper Bill Barr, keeps topping himself.    He is a dangerous true believer, and very smart.  What he believes in, apparently, is the divinity and absolute moral authority of Jesus Christ and the absolute, unchallengeable power of the wealthiest Americans, particularly right-wing presidents.   He protects the Unitary Executive no matter what.

He did this for George H. W. Bush when Bush’s  involvement (denied by Bush for years) in the Iran Contra Scandal was about to be revealed during the trial of prodigious notetaker Caspar Weinberger.   Barr was spectacularly creative, crafting a pre-trial pardon for Weinberger that prevented the compromising notes from ever becoming public and closed the cover on the scandal forever.  He also orchestrated the pardons of everyone else who’d been caught in the scandal, to ensure that the lid was nailed shut.

He did this for Donald Trump when he first promised to protect him and then twisted the findings of Robert Mueller’s investigation into arguable (though counterfactual) complete and total exoneration.   He did this by arguing to America that any innocent man would be angry and frustrated, as Trump was, and would do whatever he was in his power to end the torment.   Another term for this doing of whatever is in your power to end what you perceive as persecution: obstruction of justice.

Bagpiper Bill indicated yesterday that he would recuse himself from the federal sex trafficking prosecution of longtime child sex impresario billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.  Epstein had a taste for young girls, 14, 15, 16, and he had the money and power to have a parade of them come to his mansions, disrobe, oil him up, with all that followed.  He did this countless times.   

Epstein was prosecuted by federal prosecutors in Florida, under then federal prosecutor Alex Acosta (Trump’s current Secretary of Labor) and, pursuant to a secret plea deal (negotiated by a legal “dream team” including Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr), pleaded guilty to a single prostitution charge and was allowed to work six days a week as long as he consented to spend nights, and Sundays, at a minimum security prison — for thirteen long months.   The original charges for the wealthy sexual predator carried about 40 years of prison time for the serious crimes Epstein was charged with.

Was the deal a scandalous miscarriage of justice?   Certainly.  Then there’s the inconvenient detail that the law requires prosecutors to inform victims before any deal with the perpetrator is signed– but Acosta didn’t inform anyone until the deal was done [1].    You know, Jeffry Epstein, whatever else he is, is a power broker, he’s not some random black kid smoking a joint on the street.  He hung out with Trump, Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and many other powerful and famous people.  He flew them places on his private jets and was apparently a generous host.

Federal prosecutors are now about to try Epstein again, on behalf of many other girls he had take off their clothes, oil his naked body up as he pleasured himself and felt them up.   The feds found piles of nude photos of these girls at his Manhattan mansion.   

Bagpiper Bill announced yesterday that since he had once worked at the law firm that defended Epstein in the prior sex trafficking case, he was recusing himself from supervising this federal prosecution.   

Barr had another conflict he didn’t mention, another appearance of impropriety — Barr’s father, while head of the elite Dalton School, had hired an under-qualified Epstein to teach high school math.

Today a spokesman for Bagpiper announced that Barr will not recuse himself from the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein after all.   This is presumably because during the years of boisterous girl chasing friendship between Trump and Epstein there may have been compromising photos taken of the two of them, with a couple of young beauties.  Or perhaps it is just protection against possible sworn testimony that Trump had simply enjoyed nude photos of the underage girls, taken home copies of his favorites.   You never know with Trump, anything, literally, could be true.   (We know Trump enjoyed, and bragged about, barging into the changing room for the Teenaged Miss America pageant he hosted).   

It is not worth taking chances, for Defender Barr– better to be present to decide exactly what evidence becomes part of the case, making sure to shield our Sexual Predator-in-Chief, the Unitary Executive, the living spokesman for Christ Himself, from any possible liability for anything.

Truly a shameful day, even for a law-toting blowhard as debased as Bagpiper Bill.


[1]   Alex Acosta addressed a room full of reporters and answered questions about the light slap on the wrist Epstein got in the non-prosecution deal Acosta oversaw.  He is by far the most impressive Trump appointee (not a very high bar, granted) and acquitted himself well at the news conference, even if he spent the entire time justifying himself as smoothly as you please.   

You’d be impressed, if you didn’t know he approved a tender, playful, secret slap on the wrist for the wealthy serial child abuser.  You’d think he was very candid in answering all questions.   Surprisingly intelligent, especially for a Trump administration official — although, it must be noted, he gave not a hint of an apology for his shameless secret deal with a serial child molester, nor more than a sniff of sympathy for the many young girls his well-connected friend literally screwed.

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