Racism vs. Humanism

I know that I’m not boldly going out on any kind of moral limb by saying that racism, a creation of fear and rage and perhaps mankind’s most popular eternal justification for hatred,  is irrational.   I mean, internally, racism is not a system that makes sense.   One obvious reason is that it requires making blanket pronouncements against millions of people you’ve never met, just because they fit a certain ethnic or “racial” demographic, which is just ignorant.   I don’t mean to sound judgmental, God forbid, but racism, on it’s face, doesn’t pass the ‘what the fuck, are you a desperate, clueless fucking imbecile?’ test.  

Many racists will at some point encounter a member of the hated race who will do him some kindness, maybe save his life, donate a vital organ or something, or just go out of his way to extend some unexpected kindness to the racist.  Here is the beauty of racism, if it is ardent and staunchly enough held.   A good racist will appreciate the human individual in question and conclude “well, I thank him, he’s one of the good ones.  I guess that proves those (insert racial slur) have at least one decent one among them.”  

If the racist begins to question his belief, based on a few individuals who refute the stereotype, the whole thing starts to unravel.   His fellow racists will disown him as some did when Donald J. Trump, whose credentials are otherwise pretty strong,  “gave his daughter to a Jew.”    

You want consistency in a racist’s “thinking”?   Good luck, sister.  Adolf Hitler himself, poster child for muscular,  mass murdering, evangelizing, yea, charismatic racism, with racist credentials so impeccable that he’s an idol to haters more than seventy years after he finally blew his brains out, made a few exceptions.  It is well known that every top Nazi had a Jew or two he knew to be a decent chap.  “Don’t put a finger on Max Grossman,” a top SS officer would order, “Max is under my protection.”  Max might have been the SS guy’s brave platoon leader in World War One, or had done some other great service to the SS guy, maybe he was the likable, discreet, self-effacing brother of the Jewish woman the SS guy was having a long, secret affair with.

Would it blow your mind to learn that Hitler himself had a list of Jews not to be touched, as he was insanely rounding up and mass murdering every Jew he could find anywhere?  [1]   It wouldn’t have blown my mind, really.  Nothing about the “philosophy” of racism makes much sense and one should expect no real consistency in a belief system that is based on visceral ignorance.   Of course, if somebody saves your life, most people will not kill that person.   If you have an admired teacher you love, you’d tend to spare her while putting everybody else into cattle cars rattling off for slaughter.  A doctor who saved your mother’s life, fine, don’t put her in a gas chamber.   This is sometimes called “common decency” a trait long exhibited among humans.

But here is a mind blowing fact about the versatile Mr. Hitler.    That widely admired totalitarian psychopath (we are living in a renaissance of Mr. Fucking Hitler and his type)  had a list (we learn from Hannah Arendt’s wonderful Eichmann in Jerusalem) of  a few Jews who were not to be harmed, even as the rest of their detested “race” were exterminated like insects.    A few names, ja.  

That insane bastard had the names of three hundred and forty Jews on his fucking Do NOT Exterminate list!  340 Jews!  On Hitler’s list!  (Arendt, 133).

Do not touch a hair on their poisonous heads or you will dance until you die from a length of piano wire.   Do you know how agonizing a death hung by thin, sturdy wire is?  Adolf could show you a few movies of his enemies, their stupid gyrations in slow, comical, climbing death.  Hitler, toward the end, apparently loved nothing more than watching the reels over and over, his enemies slowly choking to death as they kicked their feet and jerked, and soiled themselves.  Humiliating deaths!   Ha!   Who is laughing now, asshole?    So, you kill one of my 340 pet Jews, you will know my wrath.  Be warned.  

Hitler didn’t have to say it twice, or even spell it out, for the Fuhrer’s every spoken word had the force of law (Fuhrerworte haben Gesetzeskraft)  (Arendt, 148).

If the law you must live by is the word of a violent and insane racist apt to say and do literally anything … good luck to you, Bozo.

I called this post Racism v. Humanism.   Humanism, a belief (I say, off the top of my humanistic head [2]) that humans can discover higher truths and solve even terrible problems by the application of rational thought, research and common effort.   Most human beings down through the ages, unless filled beyond bursting with fear, rage and ritualized hatred, would chose humanism over racism, everything else being equal.   Humanists see the best in our fellow humans; racists imagine the worst.   Humanism works toward a common future for humanity that does not include our mass extinction.   Racism, not so much.


[1]  While also, of course, being willing to kill millions of non-Jews, collateral damage, if you will, in his war to purify Aryan blood and make the world safe for the whitest of easily suckered white mongrels.

[2] A humanistic head that also requires me not to talk exclusively through my ass. Finding more information took less than three seconds.   Jeeves gives us this more detailed definition of Humanism:

an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

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