POTUS 1, 7 year-old Guatemalan girl 0

Another big win for the president in his war to keep America safe while he is making it great again.    You can read the sickening details from the freedom-hating communists at the Associated Press.  The story, published a week after the girl’s death, has suddenly become big news.   A story about one little stinkin’ illegal alien dead kid, who died more than a week ago, suddenly all over the news, like it’s a big deal!   Isn’t that just like the merciless freedom-hating vultures of the lying media for you?

Apparently nobody is to blame for allowing this young child to die of shock and liver failure from dehydration while detained by U.S. border agents in the desert — how were they to know she needed water?   What if she was a terrorist?   They’re already working on a story: she wasn’t sweating, so she seemed to be fine, it was hot, but she wasn’t sweating.  Plus, her father said she was not ill, he allegedly signed papers to that effect (in English, a language he doesn’t understand) before border agents let the little girl die over the course of the next several hours.  As soon as her body temperature rose to 105.7 they took immediate action, flew her to get medical attention, unfortunately medics couldn’t save her.  So, really, who is to blame?

Screen shot 2018-12-20 at 4.28.54 PM.png

I have a couple of prime suspects, though, ultimately, of course, it goes to Individual 1 who is the leader of the free world.   There’s a reptilian self-hating Jew named Stephen Miller who works for the president, helps him formulate many of his most despicable and racist policies and the stirring rationales for them, writes some of POTUS’s most soaringly Hitlerian speeches.  I’m sure there have been others working with them as well, some of whom probably have not yet quit, been fired, arrested, indicted or convicted.

The death of  another little brown girl, this one named Jakeline Caal Maquín, seven, because of a zero-tolerance racist immigration policy promulgated by the leader of the free world and spewed by him to rally after rally of fist-pumping white people, the base, is murder, even after you factor in all the arguments about the tragedy.   Yes, her desperate father may arguably have put her in danger, fleeing from one hellhole into a hostile desert where U.S. border agents took the asylum seekers into custody.   Agents known to be particularly ruthless under orders from this oddly bellicose orange man with the puffy white eyes.  He presides over a land where it is shoot first, figure out your stand-your-ground defense later.   Go out on Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, POTUS, and see how long it would take for a cop to slap the cuffs on you and read you your rights.  Your base might be upset, but then, they are already upset.

I’ve written here several times since October 2 about the Saudi journalist murdered, without consequences, by billionaire crown prince Muhammed Bin Salman (MBS).   During the last few days Senate Republicans joined in a resolution condemning MBS as the person who sent the hit squad and ordered the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.      Several Senate Republicans also crossed party lines to carry the vote to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.   Progress I won’t sneeze at.    And, while I’m not sneezing, Khashoggi, horrific and inexcusable as his killing was, at least got to live more than sixty years of his life.

But the death of little seven year-old Jakeline Caal Maquín must not be (though, of course it will) just another anonymous, quickly forgotten example of the depraved indifference America’s own leader has shown toward the human props he deploys in his increasingly grotesque attempt to throw meat to his base, focus attention away from his own criminal enterprises and a legal position growing more tenuous by the day.   Call me weak, but I’m more concerned with the immediate fate of traumatized children still in cages, at the hands of my own government, than I am about how soon this Orange menace winds up immiserated and  incarcerated.

Yes, Obama was the Deporter-in-Chief, sure, no dispute here.   Both he and his predecessor, and all of them, really, always talked about deporting criminals, dangerous people without legal immigration status (a relatively small subset of immigrants, by any measure). But look at this graphic and see if you can keep from getting angry.   I can’t. 

Screen shot 2018-12-13 at 8.53.34 PM.png

If you somehow still think the perpetually angry man on the left is “good for America” (or for anything, actually, except perhaps as an object lesson in how not to be a “winner”) picture another child, “accidentally” murdered (nobody’s fault, nobody’s fault [1]) in the service of a “winning” political talking point, take a long look in the mirror and think again.  

And then, go fuck yourself.


[1] As even the lying AP admits:  

An autopsy was scheduled to determine the girl’s death. The results could take weeks.

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