President man, supports his friends

The president defends the murderous crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (“MBS”), saying, essentially, that MBS lied very strongly, very strongly, when he denied direct involvement in the organized murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi citizen, US resident and strong critic of MBS.  Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate.  

After denying that Khashoggi had been killed at all, in the days after MBS’s brother himself directed the journalist Khasshoggi to the consulate where the murder was promptly carried out, MBS changed the story:  it was Saudi rogues who had illegally entered the Saudi consulate, fifteen of them including an autopsy expert with a bone saw, and accidentally killed and dismembered MBS’s critic in the course of a fist fight ill-advisedly started by the hotheaded, terrorism-linked, middle-aged journalist.    

“He was very strong in his denials, very very strong, like Kavanaugh, ” our clueless, careless president said of his born-wealthy, supremely entitled Saudi counterpart, a soon to be future king and close friend of the president’s billionaire son-in-law, son of a convicted felon billionaire who lost his law license after hiring a prostitute and rigging a motel room with video equipment to blackmail his brother-in-law who was about to testify against him in a federal case.  [1]   

Here is what American intelligence agencies and members of the president’s own party are now saying about the crown prick’s involvement in the murder of a journalist/critic, according to the lying Public Broadcasting Station, PBS ——> clickez ici, mes enfants.

Freedom is on the march.


[1]  Jared Kushner’s aunt really didn’t like that videotape of her husband with the hooker. 

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