Those Who Always Get A Pass in Life

There are people, born into the right families, who will always, always get a pass for fuck ups.  Fair is fair, you dig, if you are among the best of the best, that’s what privilege is all about.  

Brett Kavanaugh, with his $40,000 a year prep school and Ivy League education, is one of these, the best of the best.  They call it the Boy’s Club, the people you meet at the finest schools become important connections who will introduce you, hire you, promote you, protect you when you fuck up.   You can be a liar, it’s not a vice if you lie for a really principled reason, if you are privileged and have other privileged people to vouch for you.   Who among us is perfect, after all?  

Kavanaugh told Fox the other night that he was a virgin throughout high school and therefore, somehow, it followed he could not have committed the sexual assault he is accused of.   He had previously bragged to his high school classmates, other wealthy boys, on his year book page, that he was a “Renate Alumnius” (sic), a boys will be boys reference to having had sex with one of the girls who’d grow up to sign a letter defending his character. [1]    Reminds me of that old Andrew Dice Clay throwaway:  Mother Goose?  I fucked her.  Like many contradictory claims liars make they can’t both be true.   Either you fucked Mother Goose or you were a virgin.

We don’t know whether Christine Blasey Ford, no matter how credibly and sympathetically she testified, was correct in identifying Kavanaugh as her attacker.   It seems very likely, otherwise why would she have faced the nightmare she did to bring the accusation to the public?   On the other hand, we know that Kavanaugh did not do what an innocent man with nothing to hide would have done, asked for a full investigation to clear his good name.   He was evasive, he was angry, he was belligerent and entitled.

As his mother, Judge Martha Kavanaugh always told him, according to Brett: “Her trademark line was: ‘Use your common sense. What rings true? What rings false?'”

If we use our common sense, and weigh what rings true and what rings false, if we compare their demeanors and their candor/lack of candor, put the two versions side by side, Blasey Ford’s very detailed and precise, Kavanaugh’s merely an angry categorical denial of something he said never happened, blaming the Clintons for this vengeful ordeal he was being put through, it would seem Judge Kavanaugh is, sadly for him, kind of fucked.  

Fortunately for him, perhaps, none of that should matter, since he, like the man who nominated him, has never been held responsible for anything in his life, has a glib, angry answer, or a sullen evasion, for all of it.  And his team holds a 51-49 majority and unlimited money to deploy against disloyal Senators when they face re-election.    If it was put to a public vote he’d probably get around the same 30 something percent that supports the leader of his party, a similarly unfairly besieged, privileged victim.   Lucky for Brett Kavanaugh, such things are kept out of the hands of the rabble, left in the hands of his powerful peers.    

By the way, this Guardian editorial made some excellent points.   Worth a look just to see the collage of Kavanaugh facial expressions as he tried to defend his ruined name during the rebuttal phase of the trial of Christine Blasey Ford.


Screen shot 2018-09-30 at 1.43.37 PM.png

AP/Getty images

[1]   Renate herself, now an adult and mother, was outraged, horrified to learn that those prep school boys bragged about having sex with her (Kavanaugh explained the reference was about dancing– Dance YOU, you transparently lying asshole), almost said she regretted signing the letter with 64 other wealthy women from Montgomery County.   But  I’ll say this for them, they stick do together, usually.   Here’s a bit about the adult Renate’s reaction to the yearbook page.  

And to underscore that the above is not from some Clinton-Soros-Oprah fake news liberal hatchet job publication, here’s the pop-up ad that popped up when I tried to read the article linked above.   You might not want to miss this summit!

Screen shot 2018-09-30 at 5.18.13 AM.png


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