Lindsay Graham is a Detestable, Stinking Sphincter

Lindsay Graham’s giddy playfulness right after the hurried 11-10 vote to send the Kavanaugh nomination to the full Senate told everything one might want to know about Kavanaugh and the Republicans and their plans to ram him through, unrepentant rapist style.   

No concessions were made by the men with the solid one vote majority, outside of one of them saying he might could … you know, vote against the nominee if they don’t do a quick FBI investigation before the vote.   He could do that, might could.   If Mitch McConnell suddenly grows a moral self, if Donald J. Trump decides to do the fair thing (right after my brother-in-law the hunchback straightens up)  (remember who these two moral black holes are)– then … ha, just kidding.   Vote Monday!

Graham, a prissy single white southern man if there ever was one, went from screaming and hissing in fury about the unfairness of investigating a man credibly accused of very bad behavior, to outright playfulness with members of the lying media, smiling, happy, excited puppy dog — all in less than a day.  All it took was an 11-10 party line vote to send Kavanaugh’s name to the body that will actually confirm him, his God willing, 51-49.

As for emotional Lindsay, he stinks a mile, as my grandmother would say. 

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