Persecuted Rich White Men

Bill Maher uses the term “whiny little bitch” to refer to our massively sensitive (when it comes to his own feelings) president’s constant complaining about the world’s unfairness toward him.   It is the prerogative of rich white men to complain; that there are other people richer than them, that taxes are unfair, that the roads they drive on should not be partially paid for by their wealth.    We just take this for granted, it is the way it is.  Simple.   Money talks and you shut the fuck up.

Of course it’s easy to pick on rich white men who whine about unfairness.   Low hanging fruits, you sassy bitches!   They can’t help it.   Why be so judgmental just because they tend to be greedy, entitled, overbearing in-your-face assholes?   They are winners.  Isn’t it kind of automatic for losers to resent winners?   Automatic or not, that’s exactly what I’m doing, a loser being a reflexive hater, but I can explain.

I just saw a piece detailing the reasons why powerful TV executive Les Moonves was finally fired by his corporate overlords.     He apparently forced a few women to perform oral sex on him, exposed himself to others, threw at least one against a wall, damaged careers and professional reputations of women who hurt his feelings by refusing his unwanted sexual advances.   Moonves is a man with a beautiful wife much younger than he is.   You’d think… never mind.   He’ll be OK, one suspects, with his severance package worth over $100,000,000, luckily for him (skillfully, really) his lawyers made sure there was no “morals clause” in his employment contract.   Isn’t his ignominious ouster from a position of power punishment enough for his widely alleged shitheadedness?

It’s not really about sex, the abuse of power that hyper-sexualized alpha apes like Moonves exhibit.   Rape, it is said, is about power, rage and domination, not about sex at all.  Forced sex is used to express rage, to demean the victim, to increase the raping asshole’s damaged sense of self-esteem.   Rapists and other sexual predators are not romantics, they’re the opposite.   It’s easy to dump on the evil bastards, of course, and I won’t stoop to it.   Fuck them is all I can really say about it at the moment.

Outside of the realm of sexual abuse, we have many institutionalized abuses that are far too lucrative to ever halt, or even seriously question.   Racism comes to mind.  It’s big business.   Always has been here.   You capture and import a gigantic workforce with all the rights of cows, sheep, pigs.   The good looking ones you can screw whenever the urge moves you.   You can work them to death, in the manner of slave laborers cheaply rented out by the SS to far-sighted, bottom line focused German corporations during World War Two.   

A decade after the Civil War you can put a law meant to protect the rights of freed slaves into a deep, unappealable judicially induced coma for ninety years (I’m thinking here of the Fourteenth Amendment, reduced for a century to protecting three or four limited federal rights [1]).   Why not?  The Ku Klux Klan has rights too, after all.   Nobody can appeal a Supreme Court decision, no matter how morally repulsive it might be.  Law of the land, boys and girls, decided by nine unsmiling Americans appointed for life, like supremely impartial family guy Brett Kavanaugh, overruling, with a one vote majority of their peers, explicit legislation by pointing to some imagined higher principle that nobody can question.

I’m thinking of the financial disaster of 2008, and the inevitable next one.   The 2008 massive upward redistribution of wealth was in the making for years.  George W. Bush made speeches encouraging people to find the American Dream by owning their own homes.  Profiting off people getting mortgages they couldn’t pay wound up being a gigantic windfall for financial industry profiteers.   Unsophisticated consumers who wouldn’t have qualified for the gigantic loans soon began defaulting on their mortgages, the rate they had been paying suddenly “ballooned” as they sometimes do in that industry.   This tsunami of debt was an additional windfall, unscrupulous highly paid geniuses figured out there was a way to make a killing by repackaging the debt, creating investment opportunities buying and selling slices of it (tranches, don’t you know?), having those opportunities falsely rated triple A, the safest investments around.    Everybody was in on it.   It was massive fun for a while, certain super wealthy people made shitloads of money.   Then it all collapsed.

The government, reviled by super-rich financial titans as tyrannically trying to stifle the Free Market whenever an attempt is made to regulate anything, was forced to come up with enormous stacks of tax-payer money to rescue financial institutions that were “too big to fail”.  Unlike you and me, who have the freedom to fail every day, the absolute freedom to move from a home to a cardboard box somewhere any time our luck turns bad, these gigantic money making enterprises could not be allowed to fail.  The world economy would have gone into the toilet.

We get all this.   We have State Capitalism here, the government enables this kind of profiteering because it’s good for the economy.   The economy being a synonym for the gigantic roulette wheel that is the Stock Market.   Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.  Pick right and you will do well.  Pick badly and you have nobody to blame but yourself.   Who could begrudge the rescued financial giants the record $135,000,000,000 compensation they paid themselves in 2009?   It’s not as though any of them were caught in a random stop and frisk with a joint in their pocket.   These super important men are too big to jail, or fine, or even prosecute.   Be reasonable, boys and girls.   We all know the set up.

We cannot imagine it any other way.  This is by design.   This is what freedom looks like in the land of the free and the home of the brave.   If you are a liberal, wise-ass senator given to asking tough, probing questions at confirmation hearings, and your hand falls in the wrong place on a female body during one of a thousand campaign photo ops, your own high-minded, corporately funded party will force you to resign as a sexual predator.  If you are a powerful, avowedly apolitical executive who just happens to like having your dick sucked by any woman you find attractive, well, allowances can be made.  You see, this is the Free Market, really.  It’s free until it’s time for loser suckers like us to pay for it.

One of the cardinal rules of wealth is never risk your own money.   Our president, who doesn’t grasp much, who is, in the words of a sassy comedian, a “whiny little bitch,” knows this.  Witness the billions he personally saved during his multiple business failures, his serial bankruptcies.   Even he knows that fundamental rule of wealth: let the fucking suckers suck on not getting paid, avoid taking a dime out of your own pocket at all costs.   

Of course, I should not really be writing this today.  It is the first day of the Jewish year today, year 5779 since God created the world (I know).   Many of my co-religionists are in synagogue (that’s a Greek word for ‘shul’) today praying to the all-merciful Creator who gave us all free will, the Free Market and every other freedom.    Whether God is a desperate creation of humans born into an often terrifying world that ends in each of our inevitable deaths is not my place to speculate about today.   Only actions matter.   It is what we do, not what we espouse, that matters. 

I can believe with all my heart, with all my might and all my soul, that we have a duty to our fellow creatures never to mistreat them.    If I  mistreat them in spite of this fervent belief, well, call me what I am.  That is all we can ask of our fellow creatures, to live by our highest ideals.  Unless, of course, they are rich white men, the most unfairly persecuted group on God’s polluted earth.  We are morally obliged to give those freedom-loving involuntary fellatio connoisseurs a pass every time.  Fair is fair and hard to picture it any other way.


[1]  The Supreme Court decided that the Fourteenth Amendment was not intended by its framers (only a few years earlier) to make the protections of the Bill of Rights applicable to the States (it was, and currently is).   The Court restricted the 14th Amendment to the enforcement of the rights to use navigable interstate waterways and ports, to freely migrate from state to state and to be protected on the high seas.  Civil Rights were, according to the Court, completely at the discretion of the States and not intended to be protected by the federal government under the 14th Amendment.  Civil Rights violations by the states could not be challenged via the 14th Amendment, or in any other way, for almost a century.  A century of terrorism at law for unlucky former slaves and several generations of their descendants.

Here’s a bit of the sickening, neutral and impartial sounding cavil of the famous 1873 Slaughterhouse cases that decided the scope of the Fourteenth Amendment a few years after it became part of the post-Civil War constitution:

Was it the purpose of the fourteenth amendment, by the simple declaration that no State should make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States, to transfer the security and protection of all the civil rights which we have mentioned, from the States to the Federal government? And where it is declared that Congress Shall have the power to enforce that article, was it intended to bring within the power of Congress the entire domain of civil rights heretofore belonging exclusively to the States?

All this and more must follow if the proposition of the plaintiffs in error be sound…. [T]he effect is to fetter and degrade the State governments by subjecting them to the control of Congress in the exercise of powers heretofore universally conceded to them of the most ordinary and fundamental character….

We are convinced that no such results were intended by the Congress which proposed these amendments, nor by the legislatures of the States which ratified them.

— Slaughterhouse Cases: 83 U.S. 36, 77–78 (1873)
“[T]he effect is to fetter and degrade the State governments by subjecting them to the control of Congress in the exercise of powers heretofore universally conceded to them of the most ordinary and fundamental character…”
Jesus, wasn’t that exactly the reason our divided nation had just fought the Civil War, to decide that question?


The states that seceded from the United States and took up arms to defend the rights of their wealthiest to own slaves were forced, after their military defeat, to ratify the wartime amendments as the price of getting federal money to rebuild their destroyed infrastructure.   As the Court reasonably points out, why would the legislatures of such States agree to federal protection of the rights of their former chattel, chattels they’d spent rivers of blood and gold to keep in slavery?   

In the more objective light of hindsight, and ongoing racist practices from coast to coast, we say to the former slave states and their ilk: you lost the fucking bloody war you started, you goddamned racist motherfuckers!   Losers walk.  Traitors too, with malice toward none.  Now take down your proud flags of treason, too, even though the 14th Amendment protects your First Amendment right to fly them.

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