“Perjury Trap”

The only person who has to fear a “perjury trap” is someone who can’t control his lying.   A person with things to hide, given to lying to get himself out of trouble, to distract, to divert attention from their actual deeds, is the likeliest victim of a ‘perjury trap’.   A person whose deep sense of shame and inferiority will cause him to reflexively lie when any probe gets close to that shame and fear walks right into a perjury trap.   “Perjury trap” think about that phrase.   It’s an admission that the person going to testify under oath is a compulsive liar, no?

It’s not surprising that the best Rudy Giuliani can do for his friend the president is cough up the talking point of a “perjury trap”.    He appears to be as demented as his buddy when he speaks on right wing talk TV in defense of the often insane- seeming statements his friend makes.  Giuliani likes to appear to be a ‘stand up guy’, and so he talks tough, and loyal.    I will not let the president put himself in a no-win situation where his lies will have legal consequences, no way!   Perjury Trap! Fuck that.   We’re going to hit Mueller’s investigation with both barrels.

It is a tribute to the times we live in that this curious phrase appears to be good enough for purposes of telling Mueller to fuck himself on right wing TV.   “My client is a well-known and prodigious liar, as well as a master of puffery and the world’s smartest genius.   I’m not going to subject him to perjury charges in an obvious perjury trap.  Why would I place him in a situation where he could go to jail for lying?    He does what he does, I do what I do.  The truth is a completely separate question and your truth may not be my truth, or the president’s.   You see what I’m saying?”

When Trump was asked the other day about the short jail sentence for an aide named George Papadopolpous, who perjured himself, he prevaricates a bit, mentioned Flynn, out of the blue (another former close associate who is talking to Mueller) and ended with a curt, smart-sounding “perjury trap.”   It’s good to be on the same page as your lawyer.

By the way, PBS did its best, prior to the 2016 elections, to alert people to the perjury trap the nation was about to fall into, thanks to ingenious work by one campaign identifying and winning a few dozen crucial districts to get the Electoral College while the other campaign did a victory dance on the fifty yard line the night before the election.  Check this 4:16  piece out, though it may also make you holler a bit.


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