The Essential Point of the Death of Turtleback

This photo was taken an hour before the one of Turtleback lying in his box, the last photo taken of him.  This is his three siblings having dinner.   Turtleback was off exploring and didn’t return in time to join them.   Here are the three of them, Whitefoot and his sisters.


Not many people read this blahg and I am not on social media, so the reach of this post will be virtually non-existent.  If I could somehow get it out to enough people, one or more of these kittens could be saved, live a full life, give and receive a lot of affection.

My request:  Send this out to your thousands of “friends” on facebook and your legions of followers on twitter.   If you find anybody in New York City or Nassau who wants to adopt one, or all, of these beautiful, tame little cats, please contact me via the comments and I’ll make the arrangements.  

Sekhnet informs me that they were born on March 31.  Any one of them would make an excellent pet.  Whitefoot already solicits petting and is very playful.   The girls are a bit more shy, but also very interested in humans.

I also happened to find, among the few photos that remain on my willful fucking “smart” phone, this picture of Whitefoot, his first official portrait by me.  It looks like an extreme zoom and cropped screen shot, a bit more like a pastel than a photograph:


Oh, wait, I see by the non-white foot (check out that nice little claw, already deployed) that this is Whitefoot’s equally good-looking sister.   She deserves a life.

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