How the radical right do it

It is something of a cliche to say that anyone far to the political right is a fascist.  That person is only a fascist if, among his other authoritarian traits he seeks the power to silence all dissent.  An extreme right wing person determined to stamp out all opposition views is, for all intents and purposes, a straight-up fascist.  You can have that on the left too, though in America, so far, that type is fairly rare.   Open discussion is a hallmark of democracy, using government power to silence criticism is the mark of every fascist and totalitarian regime in history.

Avigdor Lieberman is the guy with the stylish Van Dyke in the photo below.   Ladies and gentlemen, one-time anti-Arab extremist member of a fringe far-right opposition party (and present day Israeli Minister of Defense) Avigdor Lieberman.   Check this piece of shit out.  

An Israeli artist writes a poem apparently supporting a Palestinian woman who Lieberman hates, a symbol of everything Lieberman hates. His reaction is to try to ban the Israeli’s work from the media, starting pronto with Army Radio.   “There is no room for discussion with haters!!!” says Lieberman, indignantly.

Fascism means never having to listen to anything that you fucking hate.

Screen shot 2018-07-09 at 11.14.03 PM.png

Avigdor has zero tolerance for terrorists and those who write poems about those who support terrorists.   His position is that anyone attending an anti-Israel protest on the Gaza-Israel border is a terrorist and therefore has only him or herself to blame if shot by snipers armed with live ammunition.   Shot, sometimes to death, as they assemble in the No Man’s Land on the occupied side of Israel’s long border fence with Gaza.  Avigdor is also in favor of a law criminalizing the photographing Israeli soldiers in a manner that “could hurt military morale”, with a five year prison term.   He has advocated that all Arab Israelis be forced to take a special loyalty oath of eternal allegiance to the Jewish State.  His party is called Israel is Our Home and many in that party, like Lieberman, are from the former Soviet Union, originally.  The fringe-party right-wing Soviet Russian emigrant is now the Israeli Minister of Defense.  

As Yaakov Smirnoff used to say of the U.S.A.— “whatta country!!!!”  Which also brings to mind Groucho’s quip, pointing at Chico– “I rest my case, restrict immigration.”

Fascist fuck.

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