Capitalism Marches On

It wasn’t the Russians who put the giant angry two-year old into the White House, it was us, Charlie.   It was years of increasingly right-wing Republican rule (the party is an appendage of what used to be its extremist wing) and increasingly “centrist” Democratic rule as the most unscrupulous of our wealthiest citizens organized to divide and conquer the country.  Bill Clinton, the “greatest Republican president of the 20th century”, and Barack Obama, two charismatic neoliberals, adhered to many of the same policies as their Republican colleagues.  Endless war on a global scale, mass incarceration, government secrecy, a graceful dance around American poverty, economic policies that keep wealth concentrated and the spoils of the economy distributed upwards.  In the end many Americans correctly saw little difference between the parties. 

Both work mainly for the interests of wealthy donors and their well-paid lobbyists and both parties have presided over increasingly stark income and wealth inequality.  Candidates of neither party are likely to risk alienating free-spending billionaires with pressing agendas, including many corporate “persons”, intent only on profit, who enjoy many times the rights of ordinary citizens.

Of course, it’s not that there is no difference between the parties, as we see daily.   We had a dramatic demonstration of what cynical fucks working for cynical fucks will do with their Reduce Tax on the Wealthy and Corporations Bill including doubling the already high threshold for “Death Tax” and backdoor Obamacare Repeal.   As usual, Amy Goodman and writing partner Denis Moynihan produced a thoughtful and inspiring commentary.  Check out their piece about The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (aka The Arbeit Macht Frei Act)  rammed through on a straight party line 52-48 vote late Wednesday night, during the winter solstice, on ‘the darkest day of the year‘.

There is a big difference between the parties, of course, on certain issues, if not on the major economic and military ones.  The Democrats, for the most part, are not as extreme and ‘disciplined’ as their far right colleagues on the other side of the aisle.  On social issues, the polarizing “wedge issues” we are all now so familiar with reflexively fighting over, of course, the parties are far apart.  Democrats see homosexuality as part of nature, not a mortal threat to the family and a personal affront to Jesus Christ himself.  Democrats are more progressive on race relations, protective of a woman’s right to the final say over her pregnancy, in favor of humane immigration policies, concerned with controlling gun violence, concerned with providing a fig leaf of dignity to the least among us, believers in science, concerned with taking steps to slow catastrophic climate change, willing to discuss many issues based on the actual facts of the case instead of constantly repeating talking points and misleading mantras like “Death Tax”.   

It is possible, as we have seen, to have all of these “liberal” social policies and still rule on behalf of the wealthiest and most selfish while waging endless, self-perpetuating wars, mostly in secret, on a worldwide battlefield while leaving the disenfranchised at home to fend largely for themselves.  It is called “neoliberalism”.

I, like most Americans, am sick to death of this status quo.  I find it disturbing that most Americans have no idea what neoliberalism is: open-minded on “social issues”, a free-market capitalist on matters of the economy and war.   I was not blinded enough by my disgust with the spineless Democratic party, or my distaste for the unpopular candidate they skewed the primary process to put on the ballot, to vote for a huckster to blow the whole thing up, to end government as we know it, an insane and obvious  liar, born rich, who divides the world into winners (the rich) and losers (the rest of you contemptible motherfuckers).   The man is the perfect front man for his adopted party.   He advocates only for himself, serving whoever kisses up to him the most lavishly and those who share his shamelessly narrow self-interest. 

The people, except for beneficiaries of his in-your-fucking-face tax giveaway and those 30% still too blinded by anger and hatred to see how tragically foolish they were to vote for him,  hate him.  The losers mostly hate him.  Winners, of course, shit, he’s one of them!  And longtime wet dreams of extreme right-wing fringe nuts are finally within their sweaty grasp.  No taxes paid by the born booted and spurred inheritors of vast fortunes and the longed for dismantling of the New Deal social safety net, and Medicare and Medicaid, and food stamps, and Obamacare, and aid to children and to the old and infirm and all the rest of societies hapless losers. 

You see, now that the deficit has been increased by the amount given back to America’s wealthiest, a projected $1,400,000,000,000.00, deep cuts to social programs, those despicable “entitlements” that the poor seem to feel entitled to (who the fuck do they think they are?  The wealthy?), are more pressing than ever to keep the deficit in line.   The Koch brothers’ father, Mr. John Birch, and demented fucking Fred Christ Trump are coming all over themselves in hell.  Good for you, boys, good for you.

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