WOW, bad for MAGA!

First, ABC News, there is nothing “so-called” about these fake electors. They submitted fake certifications that they were the real electors and they all voted for Trumpie, claiming that Trumpie had won the electoral votes of Georgia, presumably by one ballot, that 11780 votes Trumpie was looking for. The real electors cast their legally certified electoral ballots for the actual winner of the election in Georgia, Joe Biden, who won by 11,779 votes. The Trump “electors” were fake electors, you corporate asswipes.

Second, ten of these MAGA fraudsters were represented by the same attorney, paid by one of the PACs that Trumpie’s minions send money to. That lawyer did not tell any of her ten clients about the immunity deals from Fulton County DA Fani Willis. Willis took that lawyer to court for her failure to inform them of her offer. Eight of the ten so-called MAGA assholes accepted her immunity deal soon after being informed of the offers. Yow!

You go, Sister Willis, most of the country, and the world, is rooting hard for you.

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