Mueller was unable to find sufficient evidence of the Trump campaign’s criminal conspiracy with Putin, just 140 instances of coordination, along with numerous instances of obstruction of justice.

He’s currently coordinating with Jordan, Comer and others in Congress to obstruct the first criminal indictment of him, or at least poison the jury pool — lying about being arrested on a certain Tuesday and having three MAGA chairmen make wild legal threats to the local DA on the Monday before.  

Trumpie worked in coordination with Bill Barr and his postmaster general to spread disinformation about  massive mail-in voting fraud and to disable the mail service in heavily Democratic areas in the lead up to the 2020 election. Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Flynn, Eastman, Miller,  Bannon, Ginni Thomas, Meadows, My Pillow, Jolly Roger Stone, FOX and others coordinated efforts to keep Trumpie in power after he lost. Trumpie himself met with and coordinated with new MAGA members of Congress, like Greene and Boebert, along with loyalists like Jordan, Gaetz, and Brooksafter he lost in 2020.   These were the people he was counting on, along with Cruz, Hawley, Rand Paul, et al, to take the lie about the stolen election and run with it to stop the certfication of Biden’s victory, if only the DOJ would send a letter to every swing state falsely claiming it was investigating massive election fraud. 

On January 6th he coordinated with his political appointees to minimize police presence along the route of his unpermitted march on the Capitol and planned storming of the joint session of Congress.

The DOJ is now investigating what appears to be a massive, coordinated, very successful ($250,000,000 and counting) campaign of wire fraud in relation to Trump/RNC fundraising on a lie.

If you listen to the corporate talking heads, the hard part of pinning this squirming specimen down in a criminal trial is proving his intent was corrupt.  Seriously?

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