The “Twitter Files” and Hunter Biden’s dick pix

Jim Jordan and the weaponization of government select committee have made a big deal about the supposed Twitter files, an even more explosive story than Hillary Clinton’s emails or her clear guilt in the death of four Americans at the embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Their claim is that Biden and the extreme left have used government power to coerce Twitter into censoring and suppressing the truth, including intervening to prevent posting of pictures of Hunter Biden’s penis. Just like the liberal corporate media! The Twitter files controversy may well be complete bullshit, but it’s something to get mad about!

When one of the world’s richest men, with unknown wealthy autocratic funders like Putin, Mohammed bin Salman, the ghost of Benito Mussolini, bought the public square that is Twitter, he immediately fired most of the content moderation folks and limited access to any view that did not agree with his right wing worldview. At the same time new CEO Musk gave unfettered access to right wing extremists, restoring accounts that had been banned, including the account of the architect and chief propagandist of the insurrection to overturn the “stolen election” of 2020.

In the interest of proving the vast Communist conspiracy against all wealthy people, Elon Musk turned over certain files to be exploited by the MAGA/America First weaponization of government select committee. Musk got once respected Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi to look at selected Twitter files to make the case that Twitter had previously been a partisan arm of the cucktard libtard deep state that has such hateful bias toward The Make America Great Again crowd. Taibbi and Jordan didn’t make much of a case, but here is an egregious example of some of the extreme anti-Trump prejudice of Twitter before it was purchased by Musk.

Trumpie tweeted this during the J6 riot, right before a crowd he’d whipped up with an hour of detailed, inflammatory lies about a stolen election, a crowd who’d already erected a gallows, began chanting “hang Mike Pence!” Note the provocative, unfair anti-Trump nature of the warning about the tweet:

This claim about election fraud is disputed

Taibbi once did great investigative journalism and wrote some excellent books, including a deep dive into the killing of Eric Garner on Staten Island by police, for the crime of being a big black serial committer of misdemeanors. In recent times Taibbi seems to have gone full MAGA. He doesn’t do too well defending his point of view against Medhi Hassan, coming off like a petty, defensive twerp. He gets mad when questioned about thanking Jim Jordan for the honor of testifying to the weaponization committee, and his praise of Lyin’ Ted Cruz. It is always great to watch Mehdi at work.

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