The familiar stink of Bill Barr

Barr, speaking on FOX, echoed the Trump defense talking point that the payment to the porn star was a purely personal matter having nothing to do with the election and that therefore the prosecution of him for hiding the payment is another politically motivated Mueller witch hunt.  

Trumpie had a few seconds of sex with Stormy Daniels ten years before he made the hush money payment.  The reason that he paid her three days after the Access Hollywood tape was released was his fear that her story would have fatally damaged his chances to become the 45th president in a very tight race.  The reason he covered up this valuable campaign contribution was to avoid the scandalous payment becoming known, right before the election, defeating the purpose of the payment.  If there ever was a $130,000 well-spent in a tight presidential campaign, the payment to Daniels was it.

As for the possibility of conspiracy and fraud charges bumping the false accounting charge up to a felony, fraud, says Barr, requires a victim, as a matter of law. Voters can’t be defrauded by a cover-up, in Barr’s view, they can only commit fraud, OBVIOUSLY, even if it is fleetingly rare.

Barr also scoffs at NY being the venue for the indictment, citing New York City’s irrational hatred of Trumpie.  He and Trumpie had already designated NYC as an “Anarchist Jurisdiction” (also an “AntiChrist jurisdiction”) and therefore anything coming out of there is presumed to be simply “Trump derangement syndrome” since “anarchists” hate the law and order president.  

Plus, and it goes without saying, Alvin Bragg, the NY County DA, is Black and most Blacks irrationally hate Trumpie, their best friend since Lincoln.

Everything that comes out of the smugly confident Bagpiper’s hideous maw has the same stink.

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