BARR is back, baby!

Corrupt culture warrior Bagpiper Bill Barr is back, full stink, baby. Never one to shrink from a fight about who is the complete, evil asshole and who fights for Christ, Barr confidently dismisses the Manhattan DA’s case against Trump as a weak, pathetic, misguided political hit job on his boy. With great confidence he dismisses the theory of the case and the sealed charges that none of us have heard yet, with charge by charge theoretical analysis, no less. He then opines at great bad breathed length about how the case is held together with paper clips, string and spit. His summary is also great, I’ll spare you the 10 minutes, you can hear an odiferous bit of it here.

Meantime, Rupert Murdoch’s fair and balanced propaganda machine keeps pumping it out. As the imbecilic Jim Comer claimed on Fox yesterday, Alvin Bragg only thinks he has more power than the Congress of the United States of America and he’ll learn that when they drag him down there kicking and screaming (like the sick, deranged animal he is), subpoena be damned.

You have to picture it from these racists’ point of view, it would be like being a high ranking Nazi in Germany and having all these Jew lawyers drag you in front of Jew juries presided over by Jew judges. Who in their right mind would consent to a rigged game like that?

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