Nazis always “double down”

Trump’s DOJ told the Manhattan DA’s office to stand down as DOJ sheilded the boss from culpability for the cover-up of his timely hush money payment. The $130,000 was paid to shore up his injured campaign three days after revelation of his “you can grab ’em by the pussy” brag had hurt him in the polls. His bagman, Michael Cohen, was prosecuted, convicted and jailed for his crimes on behalf of Individual One, who was given a pass by his totally unweaponized DOJ. Total exoneration, like the Mueller witch hunt probe which led to the Michael Cohen conviction. Then, years later, the Manhattan DA investigated and brought politically motivated charges against the innocent leader. Then:

Another insane maniac takes assault rifles into an elementary school and massacres kids and teachers . Time to run the ad about how they want to call everything an assault rifle to completely disarm and slaughter us!!!

You can quibble that it’s unfair to call these people Nazis, just because they use all of the same techniques, and have the same ultimate goals. Fair enough, I suppose, if you find stuff like this perfectly cool:

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