The timely hush money payment that allowed Trump to win the Electoral College

Using the timeline of actual events (so unfair!) right before the 2016 election, Lawrence O’Donnell shows how crucial suppressing the story of the porn star who had a brief sexual encounter with the entitled pussy grabber-in- chief candidate was to Trumpie’s brilliantly engineered electoral college victory a few weeks later.

O’Donnell makes a good case that without this well- timed hush money payment, there never would have been a president pussy grabber. So rather than a minor infraction that should not be the first prosecution against the totally innocent and persecuted self-proclaimed billionaire, it is fitting and proper. The illegal and fraudulently concealed campaign contribution of suppressing this damaging story is foundational to the entire 45th president’s story.

If it wasn’t for all the so-called facts, Trumpie would have excellent defenses to all of these baseless partisan witch hunts!

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