MAGA intellectual firepower, batteries not included

Republicans, now MAGA (they virtually all vote with MAGA, every time, out of “fear of the base”) have been trying to cut back the hated government “entitlements” that protect many tens of millions of vulnerable Americans, at the expense of the corporate bottom line and vast, untouchable hereditary wealth

The entitlements of the superwealthy, of course, are never on the table, since the table is owned by the rich and powerful.  As God and Jesus both intended. The drive to limit, eliminate or “privatize” programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The Affordable Care Act, public education, regulation of toxic pollution, has been a constant in conservative politics, and vocally, ever more loudly expressed, since at least 1980 (“The Reagan Revolution” — it’s cool to be greedy as sin, if you’re filthy rich).

The theory is that government spending is exactly like a family’s spending.  You have to prioritize and budget, to spend every one of your hard earned dollars wisely.  If you need, say, an extensive arsenal of deadly weapons to defend your home, you may have to cut back on things like medicine and a slightly more expensive healthy diet, even if the doctor has prescribed it.  If, the analogy goes, the country needs the largest military budget in human history every year, well, poor people and old people who can’t afford their own things have to suck it up and tighten their belts a bit more.

Also, key to this pisspoor analogy is the denial that raising income — for government spending tax revenue, something an elected majority could increase at any time by imposing a fair tax system has anything to do with a family’s ability to buy things, (except, in the case of government spending) things that poor people or old folks might need. 

Because the US is the only civilized country that requires a 50+% majority to vote to fund allocations made the year before (the “Debt Ceiling”) a tiny majority of say five in the 435 seat House can hold the US credit rating, and the world’s economy, hostage by making big demands.   

What is the razor thin MAGA majority demanding, in return for this generally automatic bipartisan approval to increase the “debt ceiling” to cover current financial commitments?  At first it seemed to be cuts to the social safety net.  Biden called them out on it during his State of the Union, and they have squirmed away from that obvious plan of attack. Their latest “proposal” in the hostage standoff is reported by Heather Cox Richardson:

Now that Republicans have committed to taking cuts to Social Security and Medicare off the table, Vought has a plan to cut $9 trillion from domestic programs over the next ten years by cutting more than $400 billion from food stamps, cutting hundreds of billions from education, cutting in half the State Department and the Labor Department, and cutting $2 trillion from Medicaid and more than $600 billion from the Affordable Care Act.

“America cannot be saved unless the current grip of woke and weaponized government is broken,” Vought says in his proposal. “That is the central and immediate threat facing the country—the one that all our statesmen must rise tall to vanquish…. The battle cannot wait.”


Russell Vought, Heather informs us, was Trumpie’s former budget director.  Of course he was.  Heather continues:

But, as Jeff Stein, Josh Dawsey and Isaac Arnsdorf of the Washington Post point out, Vought’s stand is a little awkward, since he oversaw the explosion of the national debt as director of the Office of Management and Budget under Trump. In his first year as director, the debt grew by $1 trillion; in his second, by $4 trillion. Now he claims that the Biden administration is abusing its power by arresting people who participated in the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol and so must be reined in.

Vought’s proposal promises to balance the budget in ten years, but it also predicts the number of working people in the U.S. will increase by 14.5 million more people than the Congressional Budget Office says will enter the workforce. That surge—if it were to come—would push the economy to grow faster, thus reducing the deficit by an additional $3.8 trillion. But where the people will come from is a mystery.

Who says MAGA, who always unconditionally protects its own (until they need to be thrown under the bus to protect their loyal leader) is not led by the nation’s greatest intellectual giants?  You act like lying and magical thinking are bad things, you egghead, elitist prig!

In four years Trump and his appointees appear to have increased the national debt by 25% [1]. So?!

Yet Heather Cox Richardson continues to quote Biden, a president who 25% of Americans believe was illegitimately inserted into office by a powerful secret cabal of cannibalistic child abusers who hate our freedom and everything white Christians stand for:

Biden noted that Republicans have voted more than 50 times to change or repeal the Affordable Care Act since it passed 13 years ago. He also pointed to the fact that the chief budget consultant for the House Republicans is Trump’s former budget director Russell Vought.

Biden lies!!!

[1] Given the current debt is just over $31.4 trillion, Jolly’s self-described “rough” 25 percent figure claimed by Jolly is imprecise based on Treasury data; it is actually 22.3 percent of the current total. source

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