Durham and Barr — totally unweaponized

The New York Times, as it sometimes does, broke an important investigative report detailing a stunning bit of MAGA ethics under Attorney General Bill Barr, who appointed, and worked closely with, a Special Counsel to investigate the investigators who had found 140 incidents of coordination between the Trump campaign and Putin, as well as ample evidence of Trump’s actions to obstruct that investigation.

Barr set out to prove that the oringes of Mueller’s investigation were corrupt, a “deep state” conspiracy of career DOJ employees hatched out of the fever dreams of contemptible libtard cucks. He used the full weight of Trump’s DOJ to create an ongoing propaganda coup that could be amplified nightly on Fox News, OANN, Newsmax, Breitbart, Facebook, Twitter, Der Stürmer, etc, in the lead up to the 2020 election.

Remember the first order of business in the MAGA House of Representatives after their recent Red Wave mandate, a nine vote majority in a 435 member body — cut funding to the Office of Congressional Ethics. Then a quick rules change to get a couple of the Democratic members off the bipartisan committee and make it harder to have a quorum to conduct any business in the office of ethics. So far so good.

Then leave it to the Communist, Marxist, Socialist, fascist New York Times to uncover how Bill Barr and his fellow deeply conservative, Catholic, 72 year-old culture warrior, John Durham, worked closely to leave no stone unturned in trying to vindicate Donald Trump’s total victimhood in the baseless, partisan Mueller probe.

How Barr’s Quest to Find Flaws in the Russia Inquiry Unraveled

WASHINGTON — It became a regular litany of grievances from President Donald J. Trump and his supporters: The investigation into his 2016 campaign’s ties to Russia was a witch hunt, they maintained, that had been opened without any solid basis, went on too long and found no proof of collusion.

Egged on by Mr. Trump, Attorney General William P. Barr set out in 2019 to dig into their shared theory that the Russia investigation likely stemmed from a conspiracy by intelligence or law enforcement agencies. To lead the inquiry, Mr. Barr turned to a hard-nosed prosecutor named John H. Durham, and later granted him special counsel status to carry on after Mr. Trump left office.

But after almost four years — far longer than the Russia investigation itself — Mr. Durham’s work is coming to an end without uncovering anything like the deep state plot alleged by Mr. Trump and suspected by Mr. Barr.

Moreover, a monthslong review by The New York Times found that the main thrust of the Durham inquiry was marked by some of the very same flaws — including a strained justification for opening it and its role in fueling partisan conspiracy theories that would never be charged in court — that Trump allies claim characterized the Russia investigation.


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