Excellent telling of Kevin McCarthy’s pathetic “victory”

Dana Milbank, with a thorough description of man of principle “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are” McCarthy and his sacrifice of everything imaginable to end up as the Speaker of an ungovernable MAGA majority House. Ironic and grotesque, that the goal of the elected GOP House hardliners is disabling the United States government crippling the “administrative state” and the destruction of liberal democracy. Here’s Milbank:

The holdouts had been given essentially everything they had asked for — and still, the extremists demanded more. “A deal is NOT done,” Perry, head of the House Freedom Caucus, tweeted Thursday afternoon

“Somebody should check and make sure Kevin McCarthy still has two kidneys,” Adam Smith (Wash.), top Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, quipped Friday.

By Friday evening, the rebels could hardly believe the breadth of McCarthy’s capitulation. “We’re running out of things to ask for,” Gaetz marveled.

Yet still they tortured McCarthy. One vote shy at the end of Friday night’s 14th ballot, McCarthy publicly humiliated himself by walking over to Gaetz and pressuring him to switch his vote. In view of the whole House and the TV cameras, Gaetz rebuffed him. McCarthy retreated. “We’ll do it again,” he said angrily.

Finally, after four full days of chaos capped by intra-GOP fisticuffs and Republicans voting down their own motion to adjourn, McCarthy claimed the gavel. But by then his fate had become unimportant, because whoever occupies the speaker’s chair will now be irrelevant. McCarthy’s surrender has condemned the House to two years — or more — of anarchy.


“We’re running out of things to ask for,” said one of several insurrection-minded MAGA Representatives who had previously asked for an unconditional presidential pardon, from the man with absolute pardon power.

A small group of irrational fanatics publicly demanding absolute power, by any means necessary, what could possibly go wrong?

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