Marjorie Taylor Buttplug

Marjorie Greene, the unapologetically passionate face of the balls to the wall MAGA party, gave some fiery remarks at a gala in New York City the other night as she accepted the annual Richard M. Nixon patriotic democracy-loving American politician award from New York City’s Young Republican Club. During her remarks she said that had she and Sloppy Steve Bannon organized the January 6th riot, well here she is (as reported by the fake News New York Times):

“And I want to tell you something, if Steve Bannon and I had organized that, we would have won,” she told the audience. “Not to mention, it would have been armed.”

WE WOULD HAVE WON. Not to mention, it would have been armed.

You know, it’s not like Steve Bannon was in the War Room at the Willard Hotel on January 6th or anything like that… but as important as that comment/admission was, she went on to talk about her intimate shopping habits at Target and CVS.

Addressing an audience on Saturday night after being given the Richard M. Nixon Award—assigned by the New York Young Republican Club to “a citizen who exemplifies the fundamental ideals of Americanism,” Greene told those gathered: “By the way, you can pick up a butt plug or a dildo at Target and CVS nowadays. I don’t even know how we got here. This is the state that we’re living in right now.”


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