When you are treated with contempt, there is no mistaking the corrosive feeling it arouses. It is dismissal on steroids. It causes a unique and terrible injury.

Contempt means nothing you say needs to be considered, your opinions and ideas are bullshit, anything you think of as insight is a bunch of stinking crap. Contempt means never having to even consider saying you’re sorry because the person acting hurt has no gripe except against her contemptible self.

Contempt doesn’t mean I disagree with you, it means you and your thoughts and your feelings are so far beneath me I don’t have to even consider them.  If I have contempt for you, you are nothing to me, so far inferior that I have no need to consider anything in regard to you, except how contemptible you are.  

You need understanding?   It’s only because you are weak and needy.  Some intimate fear you need to share with me?  You are a coward.  Something bothering you that you need to talk to me about?   Forget it, maggot.  You show me vulnerability?  I show you the back of my fucking hand, asshole.

Contempt is the precursor to every act of individual and organized violence.  It is not enough to simply hate the people you are about to beat, torture and murder.  You have to feel contempt for them.  Once you have that deep conviction of their contemptibility, you feel justified in doing whatever you have to do to the smelly, weak, pusillanimous, poisonous little pukes.   Another gruesome page of human history, written in the blood of the contemptible.

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