Party of the Big Lie

Because a narcissist like Trumpie can only be the greatest winner in the world or its most humiliated loser, he continues to insist (with all evidence showing he’s lying, he lost by 7,000,000 votes) that he never lost the 2020 election.  He has no proof, but he doesn’t need it.  He just lies, over and over, and those who love and admire him love him for it.  “He’s stronger than the so-called truth, facts, evidence, rules, laws, norms, Constitution, what have you!  That’s our boy!”

His latest maniacal move is to call for the abolition of all laws, norms, rules, the Constitution itself, in order to overturn the stolen election that he lost by the same Electoral College margin he called a landslide when it went in his favor in 2016. His party, which rode him to fabulous far right fever dream success, is so far sticking with their man, the leader of their party and its most likely candidate in 2024. Presumably cooler heads within the party are waiting for an indictment and conviction to remove him from the political playing field, although history shows they shouldn’t hold their breath. Here’s a link to Heather with an excellent piece about the latest shamelessness from the shamefully obsequious Grand Old Party. The party of Law and Order.

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