Trump’s powerful, yet delicate, lawsuit against totally unfair NY AG

Stable Genius At Work. More political genius from the smartest man to lead a violent political movement since the Führer himself. Got to love this shit. The guy is truly sui generis. His ever-changing crew of lawyers may get fed up, quit, call him nuts, but he doesn’t pay them (unless the RNC ponies up their fees) and just gets new ones.

His latest batch of legal luminaries filed this in Florida state court, the other day, against the New York State Attorney General, after an argument against filing that the boss won. Smarter legal minds than my own have no explanation for this, outside of five dimensional chess in an alternate universe. Here are a couple of nice bits, apparently dictated by the smartest man in the world himself.

This lawsuit means he’s mad as hell, as he was as a baby, a child, a young juvenile delinquent, his father’s reluctant second choice, serially bankrupt business genius, leader of an enraged political movement. Oh, well, I guess he’s got a plan for his Grand New Party!

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