Violent crime by state

Television pundits tell us that Republicans have successfully made a huge voting issue about violent crime, predominantly in “anarchist (and antichrist) jurisdictions” run by godless heathens, presumably. The GOP has focused on the rise of violent crime all over the country, under the watch of “soft on crime” communist Democrats who control two branches of the federal government and are therefore responsible for all local criminal behavior.

A few seconds of research on the internet tells a different story. Here are the top 27 States, (including one that should be a state but is not), ranked in order of prevalence of violent crime.

Looks to me like the old Confederacy, the MAGA heartland, that region of the country who never bowed to “Negro Rule”, never lost any war, except by being cheated out of victory, leads the pack in violent crime.


Meanwhile the FBI and Homeland Security have both issued reports that domestic terrorism, white supremacist violence, is the gravest threat we face as a nation going into the midterms. Talk about yer violent crime…

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