Nazis want to defund any government they don’t control

Mehdi Hassan explains the weaponization, by America’s pugnacious Minoritarian party, once know as the Grand Old Party, of paying government debts already incurred. A government shutdown over the artificial “debt ceiling” was unthinkable until Charles Koch and friends’ unlimited, secret, tax deductible money and hundred tentacled political machine got enough traction in Congress and was amply amplified by dedicated right-wing media.

Put the “debt ceiling” right up there next to the sacred filibuster, something the sainted framers of the Jesus Christ-dictated Constitution never imagined in their wildest nightmares. But there it is, sacred and inviolable, ready and waiting for MAGA, to wield like Thor’s hammer as they unleash the Kraken that will destroy America’s credit rating and shake the global economy. A small price to pay for absolute power…

Give Mehdi a few minutes to explain, he does a great job.

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