The boy can’t help it

Granted, yesterday was a bad day for F POTUS all around, his own Supreme Court dismissing his latest delay attempt in one sentence, NY AG moving to cut off his attempt to transfer assets to avoid paying fines and restitution after the fraud trial, and the J6 Committee slap down. The 76 year-old boy went nuts after yesterday’s closing statements showed him being, coincidentally, at the center of all of the fevered plans to keep himself in power and then lead an armed attack to seize by violence what he still considers his, to this day.

He ranted in a 14 page statement about the unselect committee, an illegitimate bunch of lying, traitorous assholes, ignoring both his enormous crowd size on Janiary 6 (see photos!) and never even mentioning his equally gigantic penis size (Stormy Daniels is a fucking liar!). Total witch hunt by more disloyal, lying, sick truth denying deniers, corrupt rats, in so many states.

He truly can’t help it. Even having to plead the Fifth makes him furious.

Mine, mine, I own it all! Everyone is in on the vicious, sick conspiracy to steal from me. You traitors have unleashed the rage of the majority of Americans, ready to kill and die for me. You’re all fucking dead, watch.

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