Hub and Spoke RICO case against F POTUS and allies

The best explanation I’ve had for Merrick Garland’s slowness and longtime reticence about prosecuting F POTUS and his criminal associates was from Joyce Vance, many months ago. Vance, a former federal prosecutor, explained that the best way to prosecute all of these seditious creatures and take them off the political playing field is through a RICO prosecution. RICO is the racketeering law that Giuliani and others used to put away many of the top Mafia dons, their consiglieres and capos.

RICO is a powerful law, with long prison sentences. Vance pointed out that it’s not that hard to obtain convictions under RICO. The problem is if the case is not perfect and airtight, a good appellate lawyer will not have a hard time poking a hole and getting the entire conviction thrown out. Imagine fucking F POTUS and his gang being successfully prosecuted under RICO, getting long prison terms and then being sprung on appeal, having the entire prosecution tossed out. That would be devastating and the end of democracy.

So Vance pointed out that Garland has to work with extreme care to make sure there is not a weak link in his RICO case. This process typically takes a couple of years, she said, but it’s the best shot at taking down a gigantic criminal conspiracy. Garland knows he has one shot.

Recently Alex Wagner on MSNBC had an interview with a former prosecutor who has drawn a map of a likely RICO prosecution. All I can say is “damn!”. Look at the diagram and then watch the short segment. Then take solace in the fact that in this legal battle against lying zombie F POTUS and his zombie army of third rate lawyers, Garland has not made a false move or lost any significant motion in court. Garland has also made a few brilliant legal moves cutting directly through F POTUS’s most grotesquely muscular attempts to obstruct justice, his lifelong project. Now he has to indict, prosecute and convict gold plated Teflon Don.

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