Justice, justice ye shall pursue

I started to write that you can’t claim a search warrant was unfair after the search finds the evidence that the warrant enabled law enforcement to look for, but, of course you can. You simply lie. There’s no law against lying, as long as you don’t do it under oath.

That’s the reason no sworn statements were included in F POTUS’s belated emergency application to his handpicked judge Aileen Cannon, in Donald J. Trump b United States of America. Even though every such application must be supported by sworn statements, with the bullshit they had to work with it would have been perjury had Trump’s lawyers submitted a sworn statement. So Cannon spared them that risk by waving away their failure to plead anything under the penalties of perjury.

I’m thinking about judge-for-life Aileen Cannon, clearly abusing her discretion by taking jurisdiction over a case there was no legal grounds for her to hear and then acting as an attorney and advocate for F POTUS. Her baseless ruling temporarily blocked law enforcement from investigating F POTUS’s criminal retention of documents he illegally possessed.

Accessory to obstruction of justice? I think so.

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