Class Action against DeathSantis

Heather had too much news in her Letter from an American last night. Here’s another important story:

Today, three of the migrants Florida governor Ron DeSantis flew from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard filed a class action lawsuit against DeSantis, secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation Jared W. Purdue, the state of Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation, and others, for planning and executing “a premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme” to exploit vulnerable migrants—in this country legally—“for the sole purpose of advancing their own personal, financial and political interests.” 

The suit alleges that the defendants trolled the streets outside a migrant shelter in Texas offering humanitarian assistance, “then made false promises and false representations that if Plaintiffs and class members were willing to board airplanes to other states, they would receive employment, housing, educational opportunities, and other like assistance upon their arrival.” Once they agreed, the plaintiffs put them up in hotels away from the migrant center where someone might tell them they were being abused.

The defendants allegedly paid $615,000 to charter two private planes ($12,300 per passenger) and told the plaintiffs they were being sent to Washington, D.C., or to Boston. While on the plane, the defendants gave the migrants “a shiny, red folder that included other official-looking materials, including a brochure entitled ‘Massachusetts Refugee Benefits’” full of false information. 

The migrants were dropped on Martha’s Vineyard in the evening without food, water, or shelter, and with no one aware they were coming. Then the defendants disappeared and refused to answer calls from the plaintiffs to learn what was going on. This, the plaintiffs say, was “cruelty akin to what they fled in their home country.” They allege the defendants violated their Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights as well as the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The next day, DeSantis claimed responsibility. Since then he has claimed on Fox News Channel personality Sean Hannity’s show that the migrants traveled voluntarily and that they signed consent forms, although he could explain how he had authority to move migrants from Texas when he is the governor of Florida only by saying that migrants come to Florida, but “the problem is we’re not seeing mass movements of them…. It’s just coming in onesie-twosies.” So he had those likely to come to Florida rounded up in Texas. 

Today he called the lawsuit “political theater.”

Another fake commie witch hunt by left wing fascist cucks!    Radical Left, Christ hating, name calling drama queen fucks!

Me, as we teeter on the possible threshold of one-party rule, by an angry party that embraces an absurd lie about a stolen election and is hell-bent on revenge, I keep thinking of the Nazi knack for mocking and dismissing.   Also, their unhesitating use of any lie that pops into their collective head.   Jews on line for the gas chamber were told by their Nazi handlers at “Camp Auschwitz” that they were going to have a hot  shower, men and women together, and then would be given a hot meal and allowed to rest.   That false and misleading statement was quite a whopper, as it turned out.   Or, as defenders of such things would say “political theatre” by partisans keen on making honest Nazis look “evil”.

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